Breaking Dawn Bridesmaid Dresses: Revealed!

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The new Breaking Dawn sneak peek, which features Edward carrying Bella into their honeymoon suite? Hot.

But the fashion taste of the new Mrs. Cullen, who we can only assume picked out the dresses donned by her bridesmaids for her wedding to Edward? You tell us.

Summit Entertainment has released a photo from the big day. It features Ashley Green as Alice Cullen (joined by Jasper Hale and parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen) and she's wearing a purple frock that Greene tells People was partly based on her character's past." See it you yourself now and then vote on the outfit:

The Wedding!!!

What do you think of Bella Swan's fashion sense?


Its really dumb these ppl have no idea what theyre talkn about. good reporting is informed reporting. bella had nothin to do with the wedding. i guess we cant expect hollywood gossip to READ. idiots.


I love everything about the twilight saga I have loved vamps and wolves movies since I was very young but these top them all


actually, any Twilight fan who read the book knows that it's not Bella that chose the wedding, it's all Alice! Eitherway, loving the dresses! Can't wait for the film.

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