Beyonce Speaks on Motherhood, Husband, Liberation

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Having successfully shot down the most ridiculous rumor of the year, Beyonce can return her focus to her impending state of motherhood.

That's the main topic for the singer in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, as she opens up to the magazine about why she waited until now to start a family:

"It was important to me that I gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be, building my empire, my relationship, and my self-worth, before I became a mother. Now God has blessed us with the ultimate.”

Beyonce Harper's Bazaar Cover

Beyonce says patience was also a virtue in her relationship with Jay Z, about whom she has nothing but many great things to say:

“We have been together since I was 20 years old. We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married. I admire his ability to inspire others.

"To me, Jay represents the American dream. Jay’s music has helped define our generation. All that he has overcome and worked to achieve gives millions hope that they can become whatever they want to be. I respect him so much; he is a great man and a great artist.”

Finally, Beyonce talked about the level she's reached in both her personal life and her professional life:

“I am finally at the stage in my life where I am not so concerned with other people’s opinions about my life decisions. It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy, what I will not tolerate. I have learned that it is no one else’s job to take care of me but me.”

For more from the star, pick up this issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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i think beyonce and jay z r 2 of the most cutest couple ever in the biz 2 ever do it, after will and jada! I luv bey so i really dont care wat ppl have 2 say bout her, this women is a inspiration 2 look upon and shes pretty, so thumbs up 4 bey, luv ya mama=) so keep doin ya thang and gettin paid, and let dem haters fade!!


Such hatred others is not of Godly nature either people!!! Congratulations Beyonce and Jay Z on your soon to be baby


I am so tired of hearin bout beyonce there are other artist that can sing way better than her evrybody callin her a queen she aint no queen shes a singer tht thinks shes tha hot stuff.


Stupid singers and there idiotic satanic husbands. God must punish those who say they believe in God but worships the DEvil


Jayz is a ugly mother fucker


Hating, its so ugly. All the great things this woman has accomplishments, she is the VOICE of my generation hands down.


the woman below me is fucking batshit crazy for one. and second, beyonce looks absolutely AWFUL here. the dress, the hair, the makeup, the facial expression. gag to all of it.


Oooo BS. She and jayZ should go and stick there heads in the toilet. That way we will have less lunatic people in the world.
JayZ has not inspired the generation he corrupted it. Look @ his videos satanic written all over it. This generation belongs 2 the younger stars not hags and bags like beyonce and JayZ.
You guys are satanic and one day you'll will be shown to the world. Your pyramids and eye signs are all devilish and unGodly. Its a Disgrace for Beyonce to thank God when she makes the Devil and jayZ her God. So from my side I plead the blood of lord Jesus onto all you guys who are still saints. People be careful of what you listen to!!!!!