Beyonce Labels Fake Pregnancy Rumors as "Ridiculous, False"

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Yes, folks, Beyonce really is pregnant.

Following an appearance on Australia's Sunday Night, in which she revealed her due month and said the impending baby has already "changed her life," a positively nutty rumor sprang up: the singer was donning a prosthetic baby bump because a surrogate was actually having her child, yet she wanted the publicity that came along with it.

All the chatter stemmed from this photo. Notice the supposed "fold" in her stomach?

Beyonce, Real Baby Bump

Forced to address the supposed conspiracy, Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure gave a statement to ABC News that simply labeled the talk of a pretend pregnancy as “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

We'd have to agree. Do you? Watch the full interview and then vote: Do you believe that Beyonce is pregnant?


Yes she is pregnant. I was built like beyonce 30 years ago but smaller with my first pregnancy. I did not start showing until six months. I was able to fit into my princess style wedding dress with no problems at four months. No one but my fiancee knew that i was pregnant until about the sixth month. Every woman carries their baby differently.


Well looking from this angle it looks like she might not be pregnant but i still think she is pregnant.


that stomach does not look right..I've had 3 kids and my gut never folded like looks like she's got a towel rolled up under her dress..and it wouldn't surprise me..some of these women are so vain they don't want a pregnancy to make them gain weight or make their butt big. or god forbid interfere with their glamorous look..alot of them are using surrogates...smh...


really? she's pregnant people. i was skinny when i got pregnant with my son and when my belly started getting bigger it did that weird fold thing til i got huge around 7 months. i don't understand why anyone would want to negatively spin such a happy time in a relationship. plus there are pics of her flaunting the baby bump in a bikini-there is a baby in there and everyone should respect her decision to let the world know rather than hide the bump in baggy clothes like most other celebs do.


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