Beyonce Labels Fake Pregnancy Rumors as "Ridiculous, False"

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Yes, folks, Beyonce really is pregnant.

Following an appearance on Australia's Sunday Night, in which she revealed her due month and said the impending baby has already "changed her life," a positively nutty rumor sprang up: the singer was donning a prosthetic baby bump because a surrogate was actually having her child, yet she wanted the publicity that came along with it.

All the chatter stemmed from this photo. Notice the supposed "fold" in her stomach?

Beyonce, Real Baby Bump

Forced to address the supposed conspiracy, Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure gave a statement to ABC News that simply labeled the talk of a pretend pregnancy as “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

We'd have to agree. Do you? Watch the full interview and then vote: Do you believe that Beyonce is pregnant?


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A dress is not going to fold your stomach when you sit down. Really? You guys think a piece of fabric is going to make her stomach fold? Have any of you been pregnant before? That belly is hard as a rock and nothing's foldin on that sucker. That's not even how a pregnant woman sits. You can't bend over cause you have all that belly in the front. You can't even walk correctly because your carrying a load. I don't know what she's pulling but it's ridiculous.


This is obviously NOT the belly of a pregnant woman. So, what's the mistery? Some of them seem to choose to have it via surrogate, not to ruin their $$$$$ bodies. She would hardly be the first one. Only she does not want it to be known.


It's her's pleated on the side...the pleat slid up her belly and that's what the fold was. I wish her and Jay-z the very best. Congratulations!


She is - for goodness sake - a billowing dress of course folds when u sit down. There are pics of her on holiday with her pregnant belly online - and when your stomach finally pops its around the 13-14 week stage which she would be at.. Pics are here


I Believe she's Really Pregnant. Because She looks really excited about it. If she wasn't prego why feel so happy about a lie right ?


if Beyonce's trying to pull a fast one on her fans, then shame on her, if she's really pregnant God Bless her and unborn child...take care.


Ok Beyonce has no reason to lie about something so stupid. A lot of selfish a*s actors are not having their babies so why lie when everone is doing it now. If she wanted more publicity just pull up some nude pictures on the internet. She's going to be a beautiful mother. Who ever started that rumor is an Ahole!


that girl aint got no reason 2 lie that dont look like bee


it's her dress not her stomach. She most likely has on a maternity dress..


Yes she is pregnant. I was built like beyonce 30 years ago but smaller with my first pregnancy. I did not start showing until six months. I was able to fit into my princess style wedding dress with no problems at four months. No one but my fiancee knew that i was pregnant until about the sixth month. Every woman carries their baby differently.