Bebe Buell to Dina Lohan: You Suck!

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Liv Tyler’s mother, rock legend Bebe Buell, is coming out hard against Dina Lohan for some reason in the new issue of Steppin' Out (via Radar). Her main point?

Dina sucks as a person and needs to start acting like a mom.

“What her mother has done with Lindsay is morally wrong and disgusting. She should back off. Lindsay is the one with the talent. She's the star,” Bebe said.

Dina and Lindsay Pic

Dina Lohan's relationship with her daughter Lindsay Lohan disturbs me. I don't see a mother and a daughter there. If my beautiful daughter was like that..."

"I mean Lindsay and Liv were practically born on the same day. So I look at Lindsay and I see my own child in her because there's a great talent there."

NOTE: Liv was born July 1, 1977. Lindsay was born July 2 ... 1986.

“But if my baby girl got that screwed up I would NOT allow to make her own decisions," Bebe rants on. "I'm sorry! Anybody can think what they want."

"I would abduct my child and I would make sure that I didn't leave her side until she didn't have those problems anymore. But she also has to be responsible for her own actions. Her mother needs to start being a mother and not yes her to death."

Steven Tyler's ex also has advice for Lindsay Lohan's career.

“If Lindsay spent a year with me I could turn her around. I could have her winning her first Oscar in two years,” she says, probably a bit overconfident.

Lastly, she says Lindsay, who has been a mess lately (even if she's not cutting herself), needs to work on her appearance and put some weight on!

“The first thing I would do is put 10 pounds on her. She's looking too thin right now. That's not a good look. The blonde hair doesn't work. It ages her."

No arguments there Bebe. No arguments there.


Bebe shouldn't give an opinion about something she isn't the example... but at least she's saying aloud what everyone is thinking! Just saying!


I have yet to see a full on bush shot of Dina. Liv must be so proud of that pic of Beebers. I bet she shows it to her friends.


It seems that Beeb has her daughter's age as mixed up as her own. She claims to be 52 but I am positive she is a year older than me (she used to be--heh heh), and I am 57. Oops. Also, Beeb you know you did not raise your daughter--your mom did. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


I really do feel sorry for LL. To have falling so low. She need to go some where out of the public eyes and away from that mother of hers and get her life together. If she keep up at this rate. .Well it will be goodby carear. And that blond hair is a no no




When it comes to being horrible mothers/horrible stage mothers, I think that Dina Lohan and Bebe Buell are BOTH NECK-N-NECK!!!!! Also, I think that they're both such EGOTISTICAL ENABLERS!!!!! And, as fathers, BOTH Michael Lohan and Steven Tyler are no angels/boy scouts themselves!!!!! Michael CANNOT seem to stay out of trouble and Steven looks like he SERIOUSLY NEEDS to be run through a car wash for AT LEAST a week!!!!! I think the only NORMAL ONE out of this whole ridiculous equation/scenario is Liv Tyler herself!!!!! Liv seems to be the only one who knows how to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!!!! Furthermore, Steven looks BEYOND RIDICULOUS as a judge on American Idol!!!!! And, Steven, you are no Simon Cowell!!!!! Remember That!!!!!


At least Bebe tries to improve on her skills as a Mom. What is Dina's excuse?


Jeez Lisa, take a breath. Why do you even know all these details about this woman? Even if all you say is true, it doesn't mean that what she's saying about Dina isn't also true. And whats with the caps lock??? Take it easy chicky, Just saying...


Why is it that just because one is older that dirt, one is described as a "legend"?


Hahaha, looks like Dina's been online here, ranting and raving, as she does at other gossip sites. Truth hurts! Dina is an awful mother who has wrecked Lindsay's career and life with her lies and enabling. The girl has nothing left except booze, sex and drugs (no rock and roll.)

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