Baby Lisa Disappearance: Deborah Bradley Video Raises Questions

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The man seen on a surveillance tape shopping with the missing Baby Lisa Irwin's mother has been identified as the woman's brother, according to a news report.

Deborah Bradley and her brother were purchasing wine for a family event at the Festival Foods near her home in Kansas City, Mo., family members tell KCTV5.

Bradley was seen in the video around 5 p.m. October 3, the same night she said she last saw her baby. Her brother was seen shopping alongside her on tape.

According to the station, local police have interviewed the brother and determined that he wasn't involved in the shocking disappearance of 10-month-old Lisa.

Baby Lisa

The little girl went missing just hours after the shopping trip, triggering an investigation that has led nowhere and already taken several bizarre twists.

Bradley was interviewed by authorities and fears she'll be arrested "any moment," a relative says, but so far no charges have been filed against anyone.

Bradley and baby Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, reported her missing about 4 a.m. Oct. 4. Bradley said she last checked on her daughter about 10:30 p.m.

The couple says Lisa was kidnapped from her crib while she was sleeping.

Meanwhile, officials are questioning the credibility of Bill Stanton, a private investigator who said someone brought him on to conduct an investigation.

Area licensed private investigators say they have filed a complaint with the state licensing board since Stanton is not licensed to work in Missouri.


Is Baby Lisa another Casy Anthony in the mid west why do parent/parents do this to a baby when there are so many couples want a baby will the courts allow another a free get out of jail pass again?


I been thinkin if she been gone and now they wana call the cops I think the mom did or no what happend to the baby an she fild the test to its sad that someone can hurt there on baby that they had it a gift from god I hope the mom and dad tell the truth they found no hand prints or nothin and when they claim in the window it made nosie please god bring dis clid home safe she a baby did nothin rong look at the mom she was there


#1- White trash drink boxed wine.
#2- NO parent should drink to the point of being drunk when caring for children.
#3-If I were her husband, I would put her fat as* into rehab and never leave her alone with the kids.
#4- She did something to that baby when she was drunk. Either shook her to death, suffocated her, or dropped her.


dude...the fact that it even entered your mind to chop up a baby in a garbage disposal...says alot about your person. i never would even imagine that! our world is depraved and sick in deed.


What about the dad? Did the dad leave work for dinner? Was he at work the whole time and is there a witness? Does dad always check the bedroom for baby lisa when he gets home? What about the other kids, why didn't he check on them? Did dad leave work with out anyone knowing, then go back to work to leave? I hope someone is doing there homework on the dad. Video around were dad works?


Another Casey Anthony story....SAD♥


Its sad its terrible, and this happens way too much. I pray for the best.


hope they find that lil girl because i know i would not like it happen to me


another troubling story 4 me!! Does evry1 wanna b n the news these days...i surely hope she had nothin' 2 do wit her baby 'disappearing', & i hope Baby Lisa is found safe & unharmed!!