Amy Winehouse Cause of Death Released: Severe Alcohol Over-Consumption

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The mystery of what caused the death of Amy Winehouse has been solved.

Her family's claim that drugs were not found in her system were correct; Other reports that she died of a seizure brought on by detoxing now appear less valid.

Amy Winehouse's blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit when she passed away, directly resulting in her death, according to the coroner.

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Amy Winehouse (1983-2011).

Winehouse died as a direct result of alcohol over-consumption, Suzanne Greenaway said, describing the final days of the 27-year-old a "death by misadventure."

Noting that Amy voluntarily pounded an extraordinary amount of liquor in the hours before she died on July 23, her death was accidental, but by her own hand.

Amy's family released this statement on the findings:

"It comes as a relief to finally find out what happened to Amy. We understand there was alcohol in her system when she passed away ... it was likely a build up of alcohol in her system over a number of days."

"The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time. She had started drinking again that week after a period of abstinence."

"It underlines how important our work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation is to us, to help as many young people and children as we can in her name."

"It means a lot to us and from the overwhelming messages of support we have had since Amy died, we know she meant a great deal to people all over the world."

"We want to thank everyone for that and for their continuing enthusiasm."



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So very sad. Amy was talented, had a very soulful voice. She obviously had very tortured soul. No one will ever know why she did what she did to herself. Don't think she, herself, knew. Such a shame all around. And to all the ''perfect'' people making negative comments, remember only God can be her judge.


As was suspected, but still sad nevertheless. Praying for those who really loved her.


Sorry if i mispelled words im typing from a phone and i have a headache so im not really worried about how my spelling is at the moment. im just trying to point out that life is beautiful so why bring down the chances of trying to live in it?


I dont care how its spelled. you know how many people out in the world who have diseases that you die from? i have celiacs disease and even though its controlled by a diet, i constantly look at people who can eat a piece of bread and cake and etc. without getting sick. then i see these celebrities who just throw it all away for no reason. drugs and alcohol destroy your health. for me anything gluten can destroy mine. why if your perfectly healthy hurt yourself with all that??


Sorry, just can't feel sorry for her. Her music sucked, all she tried to do was get attention- which she succeeded at- but she really didn't do much else. She had only 1 big hit, and even it was annoying.


oops, I meant to type all THE way around, not "thr" way around, whatever that means. Sorry, typo police!


My heart aches for her, too. I love her music and it's sad there will be no more of it. It's such a sad thing all thr way around.


My heart aches for this young incredibly packed talent. I will miss her music. R.I.P. Lovely AmyXO


Heidi, it is spelt crohns disease, not chrons, and another thing: please explain what "destorying" one's health means, OK?


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