Amber Portwood: Still a Suicidal Wreck!

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Like the U.S. economy, Amber Portwood's recovery appears to have stalled.

Less than two months after checking out of a rehab center, where she was treated for both depression and anger management following a suicide attempt, the Teen Mom star was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe panic attack.

"I couldn't breathe and I passed out," she said. "I stopped breathing."

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Amber's issues, while serious and tragic, have done surprisingly little to inspire sympathy for the reality star, often criticized for partying and misplaced priorities.

"Honestly, I feel like I did two months ago. I'm still suicidal," Amber Portwood revealed to E! News yesterday.  "I'm f--king depressed. My family's not together."

Amber says she is most upset about "lies" reported by tabloids: "What hurts me the most is when people believe the lies about me. The bullying is too much."

"Look at the rate of teen deaths related to bullying. It's scary."

She insists, seriously, that she doesn't have a drinking problem.

"I went to rehab for depression and anger management, not for drug or alcohol abuse," Amber says. "I have been out twice since I left rehab and I'm 21."

"I take my medication the way I'm supposed to."

Nor is Amber relinquishing custody of her daughter, two-year-old Leah, to Gary Shirley, who she lets have custody now simply "to keep CPS off our backs."

"I see Leah whenever I can. I have stipulations as to when I can and can't see her," Portwood adds, noting that on the bright side, her own once-estranged mother "knows everything that's going on in my life right now and we're great."

That's good at least. She needs whatever help she can get.


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being a young teen mom is not easy i hope she gets better


@breezie. I like your point.


I feel sorry for her, she cant take a s**t without the tabloids writing about it.


"He who is without sin, cast the first stone." "Judge not lest ye be judged." Come on people. Attempt to put yourself on the other side of the tracks. What if every little thing you did wrong was put out there for everyone else to comment on? Would you want to be treated badly and have nowhere to turn? I think not. Be adults and realize that mistakes are part of being human.


Leave the girl alone DAMN!!! She was being tormented when she was doing wrong and now she's being tormented while she's trying to straighten her life back up? We all know her life is on television but at least give the girl CREDIT for trying to do better and stop picking on her!! I HATE BULLIES!! And everyone with something negaative to say about her is just tring to bully her!! You sick bastards!!!




I think amber is wanting a little to much pitty. Yes she has screwed up in the past but you know what so has a lot of us, her being on a reality show has shot her problems into the spotlight and because of that it adds more problems for her that she is having troubles dealing with, I hope and pray that Amber can get the help psychologically that she is needing to over come the burdens that she has been coming up against. I prey for you Amber and keep your head up!


Um, Chelsie, she kinda makes it everyone's business by BEING ON A REALITY TV SHOW. Amber's more fucked up than a soup sandwich.


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