Amanda Knox Parents Praised, George and Cindy Anthony Ripped By Jose Baez

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The Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have obvious parallels.

Both are attractive white women accused of murder and acquitted after spending years behind bars - in Knox's case, she was actually convicted first - and who have become national stories (and eviscerated by Nancy Grace) for better or worse.

One area where they differ - to Casey's detriment, according to her lawyer Jose Baez - is in the parenting department. Amanda alone has that going for her.

Amanda Knox Speaks

Baez says he was happy when the Amanda Knox verdict was overturned and she was freed. Having gone through it with Anthony, it brought back memories.

"It was a surreal moment ... I remembered being in that situation - a young woman's life hung in the balance, and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role and they should "be applauded" for sticking with their 24-year-old daughter through the entire process.

Contrarily, Casey's parents George and Cindy Anthony did not support her and "hurt her case." That was even before their shameless Dr. Phil interview, too.

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls." A lot of people would likely choose different words, but we suppose that's true, if only literally.

You tell us, readers: Casey Anthony ...

Then tell us: Amanda Knox ...


ok here's my problem with comparing the two amanda knox was not quilty wasnt even there. she was railroaded by a corrupt attorney in italy. She did not kill a baby and casey anthony did. Casey was a sick twisted person. who is the kind of person who is one of the reason some cops do not take child molestation and rape as serious as they should. its bcuz of skanky hoebags like casey anthony who lie and say shit that they think will get them sympathy. shes a lying skanky bitch who doesnt give a shit about anybody but herself. all those tears we saw in court were just to get sympathy. to bad her daughter had to suffer for casey just wanting to party. she could have given the poor child to her mother to raise. it sounds like cindy anthony would of done that. wtf is wrong with people these days. they cant take responsibility for their actions and have to lie about others to make themselves feel better. rant is done thank u for reading


Here are some pretty crystal differences between the two cases: 1.) Casey Anthony threw her parents under the bus and accused them of things in order to help her own case. Amanda Knox obviously did not.
2.) Casey Anthony actually killed her child and is guilty of what the courts cleared her of doing. Amanda Knox killed no one and is innocent of what she was initially accused of doing.
3.) Casey Anthony's parents lost their granddaughter, whom they loved dearly, at the hands of their daughter. Amanda Knox's parents are aware that their daughter took no one's life, let alone their own grandchild. Yes, both women were accused of a crime, locked away, and eventually acquitted. Yes, both women are young and white. But they share nothing else. Honestly, I don't blame Casey Anthony's parents for not supporting her. And it's right that Amanda Knox's parents have been supporting her.


Amanda Knox - Guilty as Hell! That is all!


Amanda didnt throw her parents under the bus and accuse her father of molestation. Amanda didnt toss her baby away like garbage, Amanda didnt make up stories and drag countless people into the situation that had nothing to do with it.


sorry, first statement should say that Amanda did NOT accuse her parents


"both attractive white women" WTF???!!!! This is disgusting. I'm sorry to say but these women are not attractive in the least. And no I'm not "jealous" of them cuz I aknowledge the beauty of all kinds of women celebrites and normal women. I don't know much about this amanda person but I do know that casey was sick enough to get a tattoo with the words "bella vita" meaning beautiful life in Italian while her daughter was missing. And she also told countless amount of lies about her daughter's whereabouts.
This makes her even more unattractive. This is pure bullshyt. >:(

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