Amanda Knox Parents Praised, George and Cindy Anthony Ripped By Jose Baez

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The Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have obvious parallels.

Both are attractive white women accused of murder and acquitted after spending years behind bars - in Knox's case, she was actually convicted first - and who have become national stories (and eviscerated by Nancy Grace) for better or worse.

One area where they differ - to Casey's detriment, according to her lawyer Jose Baez - is in the parenting department. Amanda alone has that going for her.

Amanda Knox Speaks

Baez says he was happy when the Amanda Knox verdict was overturned and she was freed. Having gone through it with Anthony, it brought back memories.

"It was a surreal moment ... I remembered being in that situation - a young woman's life hung in the balance, and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role and they should "be applauded" for sticking with their 24-year-old daughter through the entire process.

Contrarily, Casey's parents George and Cindy Anthony did not support her and "hurt her case." That was even before their shameless Dr. Phil interview, too.

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls." A lot of people would likely choose different words, but we suppose that's true, if only literally.

You tell us, readers: Casey Anthony ...

Then tell us: Amanda Knox ...


@Meghan C And I think it's very telling that after thanking her supporters Amanda said, "I just want to be with my family. They're the most important thing to me right now. So thank you." Casey, according to her lawyers, has cut all ties with her parents. Apparently the Dr. Phil episode was the last straw (of course before that it was her father testifying against her at the grand jury hearing that she found unforgivable.) I wonder if Cindy feels stupid yet after defending Casey so adamantly and then hearing, once again that Casey wants nothing to do with her? Probably not. Cindy went to visit Casey in jail the day after she was acquitted and was turned away. Cindy Anthony disgusts me beyond all reason the way she continues to lie and make excuses for this monster. She is toxic and delusional. George should run away from her and Casey and never look back.


@Agatha Christie I agree with you about Guede, except I don't think he ever tried to seduce Meredith. I think he was at the house because it was a holiday and he knew it was going to be empty. He needed to pay rent soon, so he was robbing them. Meredith's credit cards and cash were missing and his dna is all over her purse clasp, mixed with hers. Somehow, Amanda got charged with stealing Meredith's credit cards although there was no proof rhat he did. What I think happened is that he knew of Meredith, but he didn't know her. He didn't go there planning to rape her, he had broken into the house and Meredith came back early and caught him. The front door had to be locked or it wouldn't close all the way, so after Meredith entered the house, she immediately locked the door. Rudy was in the bathroom (I think) and he had no way out so he confronted her and ended up murdering and sexually assaulting her. Poor Meredith.


All these people who believe in her innocence should put their money where their mouth is and have her over for dinner and introduce their sons to her.


The only similarities between Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony are that they are both young women from the U.S. Casey lied to and manipulated everyone involved in her case including the police and her parents. Amanda was lied to and manipulated by most everyone involved in her case including the very corrupt police and a very evil and sadistic Prosecutor by the name of Giuliano Mignini. I believe that Casey is responsible for the death of her daughter (though it may not have been intentional) while both the appeal court and I believe that Amanda (and Raffaele) are completely innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher. There wasn't enough evidence to convict Casey of her daughter's murder while there was NO evidence nor motive putting Amanda (or Raffaele) at the crime scene where Meredith was murdered. There is more in common between Casey Anthony and Rudy Guede since both are sadistic liars who lack a conscience or any concern for others.


To Jamie, You said, "Educate yourselves about all the non-DNA related evidence from the first trial! That is where much of the truth resides!" I say, no truth is more compelling than the DNA proof. No trace of Amanda's and Rafael's DNA was ever found. What he said/she said in court are not scientific proofs. They could have manipulated the events during the first trial because they couldn't establish an alibi (they could have been having fun at no fixed place, such as driving around, eating pizza and drinking beer inside their car, making love inside their car, and so on). So for lack of evidence of where they were at that night, they had no choice but to demonstrate that they were in the house. They heard the screaming of Meredith, but decided not to interfere for fear of becoming additional victims to the killer. Truth can be stranger than fiction.


DNA or no DNA, Knox's first trial as well as Sollecito's demonstrated quite definitively that the two of them were present in the room the night Meredith was murdered. More than one attacker assisted Guede! It does not require too much intelligence to add it up! A staged break-in and many other details were overlooked during the appeal which focused purely on the same defense tactics that freed OJ Simpson!
I feel so sorry for the Kercher familiy and especially Meredith herself! The appeal was a joke!
Amanda and her boyfriend are guilty of some part of Meredith's murder!!
Educate yourselves about all the non-DNA related evidence from the first trial!
That is where much of the truth resides!


I also firmly believe that Casey Anthony did not kill her child. Her child died accidentally or as a result of her negligence. First of all, she was known to be a good mother, but her behavior was childish and bizarre. If it were not for her lawyer's ability to debunk most of the scientific evidence, which was contentious -- a smart effort that overshadowed all the circumstantial evidence -- she could have received the aggravated child manslaughter sentence.


I firmly believe that the sole killer of Meredith is Rudy Guede. First of all, he is an ex-drug dealer and a drug addict, and he could have been heavily drugged at the time of the murder. He had a previous crush on Meredith. That night, he came to the house, knowing Amanda and her boyfriend were not there. He approached Meredith for sex, Meredith rejected his advances and asked him to leave the house, which made him angry and bitter. He then raped and killed her and escaped to Germany a couple of days later. His DNA was all over the place. Amanda and her boyfriend could not be capable of washing out their DNA from every millimeter of the murder scene. They are not professional killers who could outsmart the investigation and forensic experts. You cannot see DNA the way you see dirt on the surface of furniture. Any other explanation is an exercise in futility.


The only thing that these two cases have in common is that the women were young and white, and Nancy Grace has decided that she has the right to determine their guilt.


I think they should become roommates in hell for what they did--and got away with all the while being called the victim. Casey did not just take her child from this earth, but she humiliated and raped her family all to get off. Amanda is another shame---DNA, really? On a trampled on crime scene with several perps? She says at first it was a sex game gone wrong, then she was not there, then she was in the kitchen, whatever...what lying school did these women go to?

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