Amanda Knox Parents Praised, George and Cindy Anthony Ripped By Jose Baez

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The Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have obvious parallels.

Both are attractive white women accused of murder and acquitted after spending years behind bars - in Knox's case, she was actually convicted first - and who have become national stories (and eviscerated by Nancy Grace) for better or worse.

One area where they differ - to Casey's detriment, according to her lawyer Jose Baez - is in the parenting department. Amanda alone has that going for her.

Amanda Knox Speaks

Baez says he was happy when the Amanda Knox verdict was overturned and she was freed. Having gone through it with Anthony, it brought back memories.

"It was a surreal moment ... I remembered being in that situation - a young woman's life hung in the balance, and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role and they should "be applauded" for sticking with their 24-year-old daughter through the entire process.

Contrarily, Casey's parents George and Cindy Anthony did not support her and "hurt her case." That was even before their shameless Dr. Phil interview, too.

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls." A lot of people would likely choose different words, but we suppose that's true, if only literally.

You tell us, readers: Casey Anthony ...

Then tell us: Amanda Knox ...


Most of you casey haters jumped on nancy graces ban wagon she had everyone thinking she cared about caylee all she wanted was the ratings she went way over the top on this just like she did with natalie holloway I'm not saying her show is bad but next time someone should step in and stop her before ruining the only chance at truth. Stop making baez as the bad man he was paid to do a job


Why does the media keep comparing Amanda to Casey? They are nothing alike nor the same, I am tired of the media comparing Amanda to Casey....Casey did not even get out there and say thank you to what little supporters she had, that sent her money etc. YET Amanda got out there A.S.A.P AND thank everyone, goes to show how messed up Casey really is now!


Baez quit opening your mouth; both your feet don't look good in it...there is nothing even close in the Anthony/Knox cases...Knox was a human being and Anthony was an alien; I was going to say animal but animals protect their YOUNG.


Baez now has the gull to compare these two girls, and to add insult to injury call them "all American girls" Although I am not thoroughly familiar woth the AK case the differences are obvious at a glance. AK did not murder her sweet innocent baby. her paents supported her not only out of love, but because she did not fabricate filthy lies about her father. Amanda maintained her composure and dignity undera more difficult situation abroad, in a country were she didn't even speak the language. We are certain that million of "all american girls" take issue/are upalled that Baez wouls include CA in their ranks. Furthermore baez must have very low opinion/regard for "All American Girls"On behal of my daughter and all the other real "all American Girls" I demand an apology/retraction from Baez.


The only difference is the parenting? Are you kidding me? What a BOZO! The only real difference in the two is that one is an evil narcissistic self-involved brat, and the other is a hardworking, if not quirky, student who obviously cares about other people and was unfairly victimized by an evil prosecutor with a wildly sick imagination.


These two cases cannot be compared in any way. Jose Baez is a sleez-bag that tried to blame the father - how are they supposed to support her? Amanda didn't blame her parents. Casey has broken all ties to her parents because she knows they know she is guilty. Casey was always the top dog manipulator in that household, how dare those weaklings to try to think on their own!!! She will punish them forever.


Well, Mother of the Year, Mrs. Anthony, commmitted perjury for the "good" and "luv" of her daughter, and Mother of the Year, Mrs. Knox, after being told by her daughter that Lumumba was innocent, did exactly what her daughter did, which was to allow Lumumba to languish in jail another two weeks. At least the Anthony's knew to keep her out of their house for their own safety. She told all her friends shortly before her arrest that she was going to get her parents house.....soon


Robyn Gardner is another "all american" girl, but Baez doesn't seem the least bit concerned about HER... I can't believe he'd represent scum like Gary Giordano. I guess Baez has defined his place in the legal community - he will forever be known now as the attorney who represents the most hated of the accused. He has gone from being unknown to being among the most hated, arrogant and conceited attorneys, not to mention most laughed at.


can't stand the anthonys I COULDN"T CARE LESS about their "FEELINGS" don't care they cry themselves to sleep every night they are using this oppurtunity to enrich themselves period. NO LOVING grandparent would allow their grandchild --who lived with them --to go missing for even 1 day w/o questioning their whereabouts and insist on knowing who was caring for the child!! to play ignorant is unexcusable. to then cry crocidile tears to the world and actually seek COMFORT from them is totally beyond words. I only hope they live their lives in total MISERY, I hope they NEVER find peace and happiness all of their living miserable lives


@HMH I am sure Cindy felt hurt more than she felt stupid. She lied in court to defend her daughter, but her daughter never cared. However, a mother's love to a child is impossible to suppress or destroy, no matter how apathetic the child is. As for George, he is a perfect example of a family man who wants to stay with his family and not run away, even at the expense of being tormented by them. He is a unselfish and a man of character.

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