Amanda Knox: Overwhelmed, Home in Seattle

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Amanda Knox arrived home in Washington State after four years in an Italian prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher, a crime she says she didn't commit.

Not surprisingly, she's a bit overwhelmed by the events of the past week.

Monday's Amanda Knox verdict came after two years of research, new DNA evidence and appeals eared the American student a new trial. After that trial, the U.S. student's 2009 murder conviction was overturned and she was set free immediately.

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Knox told reporters that she still hasn't adjusted to the "surreal" events of recent days. "I'm really overwhelmed right now," she said in a broken voice.

"I was looking down from the plane and it seemed like everything wasn't real."

Unlike with Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace's criticism of Knox appears to put her in the minority. Amanda thanked her many supporters Tuesday night.

"What's important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family," said Knox, who wept when the jury's decision was read in Perugia, Italy two nights ago.

"My family's the most important thing for me right now and I just want to go be with them. Thank you for being there for me."

What's your take on all this? Amanda Knox:


A sad case ... Remeber that the Italian justice system is as good as any elsewhere - better than many. Knox confessed to the crime and also incriminated another person who was totally innocent of anything to do with the crime; she was found guilty of slander and given a jail sentence wihich was equivalent to what she has lready served. If she indeed had no involvement in this horrific crime i wish her well ...


I do not believe that Amanda was guilty. Though, this does not mean that I do not want justice for Meredith. They both seem like lovely young women, and I'm glad Amanda is home and safe. In America, this case wouldn't fly. There was no physical, hard evidence that would prove that she was there, or that she was guilty. The Italian court system is truly outrageous. My prayers go out to the Kercher family as they continue to search for answers, and to the Knox family as they try to readjust. May justice be served for Meredith, and may Amanda live a long and happy life. Love forever, (:




The things I didn't like to hear is she was very busy in another country using drugs on the night this happened so who knows where she was when this happened and I not saying she did it but why was she doing drugs. Furthermore they had tricked her into telling her she AIDS and to tell them how many people she had sex with and she told them four (4) boys and she told them their names and then they told her that was a lie. To me that doesn't sound good in my eyes she goes to another country and does these things really was she doing in the USA?


Let us trust the two years of research...the findings released her from an unfair imprisonment...

Kellie m

I hope that the media dies down soon so that she can have peace and quiet and time to spend with her family and friends. I wish her the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to Meredith Kercher's family.


I'll take her off your hands! My pleasure!


Idk if she was guilty or not.