All The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Return, Bravo Claims

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Bravo is attempting to put The Real Housewives of New Jersey rumor mill to rest.

With chatter surfacing over whether a number of castmates will get the boot - Jacqueline is the leading contender - the network released the following statement today:

Real Housewives of New Jersey Photo

“Bravo is not firing anyone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This is completely inaccurate information from sources who are unreliable and making up rumors. All five cast members will be featured on season 4. No decisions have been made about season 5 at this time. We are looking forward to the season 3 finale this Sunday at 10 p.m.”

But what if one of the Housewives quits?!? Or all of them? We can dream, can't we?


After watching the marathon over sat and sun, it occurs to me the most mean spirited housewives are Theresa,
Caroline and Kim G. Theresa can't get along with anyone. Her screeching and screaming is annoying. No wonder her children are always screaming and disruptive. Caroline has this crazy idea that her family is superior to other ppl, and I say right now they are wannabes and are sickening. I too am from the South and don't appreciate their sarcastic demeaning comments concerning our way of speaking and our food. Southern food and southerners who cook Italian food are far superior to that slop Caroline was preparing Christmas eve looking like a yard hand. They don't come from wealth and obviously her children can't even get professional jobs. Entitled to what? And poor Kim G is so two faced and disloyal to her so called friends. These women are a questionable group.


everybody southern needs to turn thier tv off bravo when carloines family are making fun of southern people, come on real housewives teach your kids not to make fun of how people are raised to talk


I am originally from N.J.; in fact, the same county as these women are from. I gotta tell you, I do not remember anyone; and I do mean ANYONE, ever behaving how these people do. I watch this show because, yes; I do find it interesting, but at the same time I find it very sad. It makes me wonder just how many of these fights happen because the cameras are there. Quite a few lives have been destroyed and even lost [that other reality housewives show] and I don't think any of them would have suffered such extreme circumstances if they weren't on a show. I wonder how many of them wish they could take back their decision to be on it.


All these housewife stories! Id love to have all the money these people waste! Bravo could get a show that was actually entertaining.. I personally dont like to watch people fighting and this crap is on film!! My personal favorite is when someone says they didnt say something and they replay the interview of them saying it. Priceless! I havent had a vacation in years and these people get to travel every week and they want to act foolish! WAKE UP AND BE THANKFUL OF WHAT YOU HAVE AND BE KIND TO EACH OTHER!! Im not the only one tired of watching this mockery of a 'HOUSEWIFE' if we stop watching you wont have a show at all. Sorry for all that i feel better now.