All The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Return, Bravo Claims

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Bravo is attempting to put The Real Housewives of New Jersey rumor mill to rest.

With chatter surfacing over whether a number of castmates will get the boot - Jacqueline is the leading contender - the network released the following statement today:

Real Housewives of New Jersey Photo

“Bravo is not firing anyone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This is completely inaccurate information from sources who are unreliable and making up rumors. All five cast members will be featured on season 4. No decisions have been made about season 5 at this time. We are looking forward to the season 3 finale this Sunday at 10 p.m.”

But what if one of the Housewives quits?!? Or all of them? We can dream, can't we?

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Tree is the dumbest woman on tv. She looks like a ugly man in drag. What a douce!!


I'm so sorry Teresa that you cannot communicate without understanding other people do not like to be called names!!! They need to be understood and loved just like you. You have so much to give and so do they.But you need to seek help to understand others and how to get your feelings out. O.K. I hope you can be happy and spunky, back on the show with out hurting others. You DO want friends right. Mellisa you are so much like Teresa . It would great to see you and her get together as subporting sisters whow would you two be fun


Teressa is a product of her EVIL ASS husband Joe Giudice,so is that second rotten kid of hers. She thinks she's a good mother she has no control of those kids. Her husband never wanted peace with her brother. I think he is jealous because Joe Gorga works so hard. Tressa keeps blaming Melissa for she and her brothers problems, Melissa was above reproach on trying to get brother and sister back together. Teressa husband wants no peace. She also is a liar she didn't look at that phone when her brother told her that Joe Giudice had threaten him. I hope this cook book makes her rich for she sure under cut people that had been a true friend to her. I always from season one knew Teressa was no good even with the handling od Daniele


Here is something that Caroline should talk about on her next radio talk. Mothers living in denial..hint hint Teresa. Why is it Garbriella is rarely featured. Wow! cause Milania is mini Teresa..did you see her stepping on Audriana's back. Her tantrums all for the camera. Gia is even tired of the bull crap. I loved when Audriana wanted Melissa. Classic! Cameras rolling and Teresa all over the place. I cannot wait for the reunion. Teresa THERE IS A BIG CLOUD OF KARMA COMING YOUR WAY. ARE YA READY?


Teresa didn't say anyting that bad in her new book and Caroline needs to grow up and quit telling everyone what to do. Her boys at this time are not that successful and she needs to quit thinking she is the only real mother. Theresa is very strong to go through what she has had to endure with that man she is married to. Her cousin Kathy and her husband make me sick!


I love this show.. Caroline is the greatest, I feel that she is the head of this show. To bad she has to go through all this drama tries to help and give advice and no one listens to her.
Her kids are awesome and Lauren you are beautiful.. high fives to Caroline and Albert for raising great kids, As for Teresa and Joe.. well lets just say. Back in the day (I'm 56) my parents
would just look at us and we would sit still. My brother and I grew up to be good kids with alot of respect for our parents and others. I love Joe and Melissa and Kathy and her family.. they have class. As for Chris and Jacqueline.. hang in ther with Ashley.. It will work out.. But Chris... a new jeep??? Greg is too funny, love him... this is my favorite Bravo show.. I'm a california girl. I don't even watch the OC's or BH's too trashy.. I'm a fan of the Jersey show.. God Bless.


teresa is narcissistic


To Ashley's mother.Your daughter loves you more than you know.Her behavior is a learned behavior . children learn from their parents.10yearsold or 21years old do not ever forsake her she needs you .you say she is disrepectful to you well she gets that from you you are disrespectful to her also.Her attitude really sucks sometimes but she is no different from most young adults that have parents who have not given their child proper guidness and discipline she is a young adult now what do you exspect she is your creation .


What is the deal with these families even thinking they have something to be proud of? I watch because it amazes me how some people are willing to embarrass themselves publicly (over and over)for a price. Juicy Joe picks his nose every time he's on camera (and he makes pizza for a living?) He sat almost nude at the kitchen table the day of his youngest daughter's christening, eating and picking through the sandwiches that had been provided for the guests, and that's just the beginning. Idiots all... no one seems to be able to speak decently, they are very violent, threaten people, fight and argue, and seem proud of this (especially those over-protective mothers-it's in their genes? although they take issue with people comparing them to those other violent Italians! this is better than Jerry Springer!!


Theresa is a SPOILED, NASTY, MEAN, DUMB, TRASHY, EVIL WOMAN. She should be grateful for what she has. I personally don't think she deserves it. I think she should know what it is like to struggle and have heartache and illness in her life. She DESERVES NOTHING GOOD IN LIFE BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T APPRECIATE IT. SHE IS A YELLER AND SO ARE HER CHILDREN. She is a GRUEL PERSON AND ESPECIALLY TO MELISSA AND KATHY. The world doesn't revolve around Teresa and she needs a wake up call. She is the DUMBEST ONE IN THE GROUP. Melissa has more class in her pinky than Teresa has at all. She is better looking with a better body. Teresa has a big nose and is ugly!!!!!!!