Ali Lohan Modeling: Skinny to a Fault!

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While Lindsay Lohan dresses like a ghost for court and does community service at the morgue, her little sister Ali is about to make her cover girl debut.

The 17-year-old graces the cover of super stylish Fault magazine.

In other news, there apparently is a Fault magazine. Who knew.

Her heavily made-up look, drastically different frame and new, angular facial features will likely spark a new round of Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors:

Ali Lohan Modeling Pic

Her tiny body is on display in the publication's winter issue. Her rep says the only thing that's changed her is age ... but we're not 100 percent sure.

Either way, she may have fallen below the century mark for weight. Good grief, girl, you're a teenager. Have some protein on occasion. Eeesh.

Did Ali Lohan have plastic surgery done?

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There is nothing wrong with her weight, leave the girl's figure alone. Since when is it your duty to decide what a person's weight should be. Hypocritical fools


She a pretty girl she need2 gain bout 20pounds


yall @THG r a peice of sh*t. U really go as far as 2 talk about a child!?! I mean damn, she was already skinny as hell, now she's a model. Dont yall ever look @ the models on the runway...they'r jus as petite..DUMB ASSES

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Ali Lohan Image Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, and the youngest daughter of Michael and Dina Lohan. Pray for her. Seriously. Ali Lohan is... More »
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I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does.

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My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams.

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