Ali Fedotowsky: NOT Planning Wedding to Roberto Martinez

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Ali Fedotowsky of The Bachelorette fame is still together with her season's winner, Roberto Martinez, but says they are not planning a wedding as of right now.

The 27-year-old is aware of fact that it's been more than a year since viewers witnessed their engagement, but says they are quite content taking it slow.

"We're still engaged and living together," Ali said, deflecting rumors that they're on the rocks. "We just don't feel the need to walk down the aisle right now."

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Ali Fedotowsky says the pair is doing just fine, but that pressure to set a date following their televised courtship and engagement overwhelmed them.

Another complication: difficulty in scheduling a TV wedding.

"When we actually did have a date that worked for us [last August], I had to have knee surgery ... No wedding is simple but this is even more complicated."

"We didn't meet in the most traditional way," she adds. "We had a very short courtship and we only knew each other nine weeks before we got engaged."

"We are still figuring out our lives as individuals."

Ones to have to get married on TV apparently.

Still, she insists they're good: "At this point we're not planning a wedding. Does that mean we're fighting? No. Does that mean we're miserable? Absolutely not!"

"We're happy where we are," adds the morning show correspondent, now living with her beau in S.D. "When we have things figured out, we'll let you know."

What do you think? Will Ali and Roberto last?


It not so much that Chris was ready for marriage, he was. It's Ali that is not ready for marriage at all. She wants to continue partying and getting wild with her friends. There is nothing wrong but don't go on the bachelor/bachelorette if your not ready. Isn't that show for finding love and getting married? Ali just want to be flirting around with other men and still be in the camera's. She was never ready for marriage.


This relationship will be null and void in no time. They both struggle with their materialistic lifestyles and fake smiles. I wish them well but it feels hopeless to me unless cupid shoots another love juiced arrow into their hearts. The passion has faded and that was evident in their latest interview, they were both very apprehensive.


Ali I really hoped you'll not make the mistakes others do but so unfortunately, you did. It was very evident that Chris loved you more and was also so ready for marriage. I think you should go back to Chris if he is still available. You guys look good together and I think he is a lovely and incredible young man with a lot of love to share. Wishing you the best Life could offer and love you. I think you are a smart girl and you deserve to be happy.


You guys know whats best for you.wish you all the best.this is one union i'm praying God should last,and i know it you guys....


You guys know whats best for you.wish you all the best.this is one union i'm praying to God to should last,and i know it you guys....

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