Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez: On the Rocks?

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Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez got engaged on The Bachelorette season finale in the summer of 2010, with the actual proposal taking place months earlier.

They've been together the whole time since, living in San Diego and going about their lives. But with no wedding on the horizon, is there trouble afoot?

According to Us Weekly, more than you even KNOW.

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While Ali Fedotowsky has blamed the postponements on scheduling conflicts and a bad kickboxing injury, "pals" say their issues run way deeper than that.

"Their relationship has been tumultuous since day one," a mutual friend says of the pair, whose nuptials were supposed to be an ABC Bachelorette special.

Due to both of them working long hours and other stresses taking their toll on the couple, "They're either extremely happy or can't stand each other."

"They bring out the worst in each other," the source adds, noting that after one spat, "Ali was in tears ... she's miserable in the relationship and he is too."

For what it's worth, Ali seemed very happy in her interview with THG this summer, and this is the first we've heard of any strife between them. Time will tell.

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Ali and Roberto have been my favorite couple from this show.Who has
a relationship without any stress?I think my husband and I have had
40 great years together,and we have disagreed at times.We also only
dated for 2 months before we got engaged,and 2 more monthes before
we married.I love him more now than when we married,at the age of 16.We have 3 adopted chidren,6 grandchildren,and 5 great-grandkids.
Just give them a chance,I think they are trying to work on the
adjustments of combining two lives.I think the biggest adjustments
are in the first couple of years living together.


@me...if they don't want fans pestering them on facebook and twitter, then they should delete their accounts. You can't put yourself totally out there and then expect fans to leave you alone, it's not realistic.


This is ridiculous. Every couple, no matter how long they're together, are going to have arguments ranging from minor to major. Ask any long-standing couple (they're becoming a rarity sadly) and they'll tell you that person-person commitment is a daily struggle but it's worth it. Tabloids can usually be trusted only to be far-fetched and out of line so let's let sleeping dogs lie, shall we?


Just checked Ali's FB page and she was asked how are things with her and Roberto and the reply is "Great!" Does that answer the status of this couple?


If only the fans quit pestering them on their Twitter and Facebook on when they will get married and allowed them some space maybe they will work out whatever issues they have.


if both of you break up,i'm never believing in any hollywood rship.make it work Robali.

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