Women's Group Slams NBC for Airing The Playboy Club

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Hey, at least a drama on NBC is receiving attention.

Multiple women's groups are taking issue with that network's The Playboy Club, a new series that premieres on September 19 and focuses on the exclusive, 1960s-based establishment in the title.

The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, for example, urges NBC and its affiliates to "replace the program with a series that depicts women's substantive achievements," as President Kay Gulbengay says it's an "insult to the legacy" of civil rights leaders to air The Playboy Club (while admitting she hasn't watched it).

Gloria Steinham has also pushed for a boycott of the program, while the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air it.

What do you think? Is The Playboy Club an affront to women?


It's not about changing the channel, it's about us praising a culture that has and still views women as objects, with nothing more than air in their brains, who are here for nothing more than male viewing pleasure.


Good grief people get a life!!!! Ever heard of the change channel button??? I use it everyday. Stop and think of the actors and crew that have families to feed. Instead of your useless agenda that you think is far more important.