Who Would You Rather: Men of the Kardashians Edition!

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Hmm ... which of these things is not like the other?

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    Lamar Is YUM!


    Are youll serious, Lamar is by far the better catch and the hottest. Kris Humphries looks like a big gorilla and acts like one. And Scott comes in behind Lamar even though he is an idiot at time Kris is just an idiot all the time


    Would you believe, when I wrote the latest post (above), I had totally forgotten that Kim and Kris were already married. Duh! Well, for their sakes, I hope it works for them.


    At this point, it would seem Lamar is the best of the bunch; however, because of the Kardashian girls' celebrity, we know little of what goes on behind the scenes. Scott Disick comes off as a spoiled "loser," but I seriously doubt he and Kourtney would still be together if that were so. Khloe seems happy enough with Lamar...a real surprise considering the lightning fast engagement and wedding! And then, there's Kim. Just don't get the feeling she's ready to take the leap again though she may "think" she is. Just doesn't want to be "odd girl out!" I like this wild and crazy family!


    i love lamaor & khole dem both kind scott & courtney both fake


    Theres a huge differance between whos a better catch and whos hotter! I think Kloe has herself the better Man ,.Lamor my not be great looking but he is all around a great guy!! She seems to really have matured and became a better woman& I think their marraige has lots to do with it. To me is is the Best Kardashian husband!! Kris may be attractive but seems annoying as hell & Scott ..smh lol him and courtney both seem Douchy so I guess them two are made for another.


    As beautiful as these women are, they sure do have some unattractive men. Kris is the best looking of them all but honestly he's only attractive in a pretty boy kinda way I guess. But none of them are too good looking. I wouldn't even glance twice at them regardless of their money.

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