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Kim - I'm waiting for the assassination plots to begin


@THG, if yall sooo damn tired of her, yall sure do post sumthing on her EVERYDAY!!! Its mighty funny,yall broke yall neck's 2 write about her wedding, hell her every move, & always hatin' on her. I put yall n the "KimHaterz" group!! & do yall kno how many ppl out here r famous 4 NO reason @ all, hell look @ ALL of the reality shows ppl!!! & not2mention, her dad put them on the map, he was a record producer & a top lawyer...jus sayin, do ur homework...& get off her a** & stop posting sh*t about her. Have a story about sum1 EVERYDAY, but yet, she's annoying...OoooKkkk,makes ALOT of sense,huh?!?!?!?!


Kim K. will be pleased. She will look upon being voted the #1 most annoying as some type of award. Even though he can Not be classified as a star, Spencer Pratt should also be on that long list of (please go away)publicity hound characters!!


kim and khloe kardashians'

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