Who is the Most Annoying Celebrity Alive?

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Parade Magazine has published a poll, the results of which prove a point even more obvious than Casey Anthony's guilt:


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    Well, Does she, and has she contributed to make a difference in this world? Famous for being famous, that is it and for having ties to bruce jenner, that is it, otherwise, these women, along w/their mother would be out there like the rest of us ordinary folks, "busting their rear ends"


    She is pretty and cool. She does what seems best and wt a face and personality like hers, makes her doe. No stress


    she is the most annoying famouse ever and i hate her i don`t even what she fouse for but i love Kourtney Kardashian and scot


    Celebrity or "celebrity". These Kardashians et al are like lab rats. Let's all gawk at the test subjects.

    More alcohol please!


    That award should have went to her two annoying jelous sisters...followed by Lady Gaga and Rihanna.




    All I have to say is: HATERS HATERS HATERS, The entire world knows this one should have went to ga ga but everyone is just jealous of Kardashian's wealth beauty and fame, and are themselves only annoyed that everytime they read about this girls success they are reminded of how little they've done witg themselves. I rest my case!


    Someone should conduct a "Most Hated Family in America" poll - bet Kardashian­s/Jenners would win by a landslide.


    Kim has a beautiful face. She would never be on the annoying list if she reduces 75% of that make that does her nothing but putting her in the annoying list. Women don't need all that make-ups, they just need lotion, and lotion, and lotion, and a bit of lip gloss. But you can wear make-up when you are going on a date with your man.


    Why the fuck no lady gag-gag, at least kim is pretty with out pounds of make up and tacky clothes.

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