Website Makes Offer on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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Might the Kim Kardashian sex tape be coming to a computer screen near you... at no cost?!?

The infamous video - which Kim just happened to film with Ray J a few months before her reality show premiered - is on the market these days because an anonymous buyer has inquired about purchasing its rights.

The starting price for negotiations, according to the man who owns it, Vivid Entertainment Chairman Steve Hirsch? $30 million.

Kim Kardashian Superstar Pic

But that's an unrealistic sum, according to Porn Hub, the self-proclaimed largest adult entertainment website around. It says it will pony up $5 million, and place the tape online, because the DVD market is "dying," according to a TMZ report.

The opportunity to see Kim naked isn't exactly rare at this point, either. She's not wearing any clothing HERE or HERE, for example.

How much would you pay for these sex tape rights?


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Why would I pay anything for it when it can be downloaded for free?


Kim u really fuked me up.......


Kardashians are a bunch of trashy sluts..including the bimbo mother.


kim u r only disgracin ur self k. How can u stoop so long 2 extent of wantin 2 sell out ur own video... Pls grow up


Only a pig would say that


Already seen it by totally free no need to watch it by paying money...
Well one thing i'll surely say she has amazing cunt...


According to ray Jay mom....Kris and Kim leaked the tape....Kris is a shrewd ass she pimp! Hell she gots kloe a pro b-baller...word to your momz


those images are disgusting my little sister googled Kim and saw very inapproriate images of her and her ex boyfriend Kim will have to explain that to her kids one day too... Anyway Kims sex tape is nothing new I dont understand how her porn tape is still making headlines i'm sure most people who wanted to see it have seen it buy now there is no point Kim making a fuss about it now she could have stopped the tape coming out years ago but then again she wouldnt be famous without it


Lol! So am I laughing at their non money making ass!!!!


i still havent seen it,& ima KimK. fan. Thats not sumthn & want 2 c, b/c i want 2 kno of her as she is NOW. I Kno its soooo many ppl doggin' her, but Kimmy, i kno u laugh'n @ they hatin' non-money makin ass!!