Was Justin Bieber Street Racing Prior to Accident?

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Justin Bieber uses Twitter to keep in close touch with his fans.

But has a post on that social networking site now gotten the young singer in big trouble?

Hanging His Cute Head

Moments before Bieber's Ferrari crashed into a Honda Civic on Tuesday, House of Pain member Everlast sent out the following Tweet: "I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way."

Street racing in Los Angeles is both illegal and dangerous, but, far more importantly: House of Pain member Everlast is still alive?!? That's good to know.

We'll keep readers apprised on whether or not Bieber faces a penalty for his actions. In the meantime, just jump around.

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The .thing we need as parents is Justin Bieber dying in a car crash. What an example. I think he is a really cute and talented kid, but why are these parents allowing 16 and 17 year old kids to drive these death machines? He's been driving like what - a year or two? Take away his toy1s


hey u beaver!!!!!i hate u dude no matter what u do..i m the biggest hater of him...hate ya hate ya hate ya hate ya...


justin,thats a karma! You are not supposed to race,young man,its against the rules!

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