Was Justin Bieber Street Racing Prior to Accident?

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Justin Bieber uses Twitter to keep in close touch with his fans.

But has a post on that social networking site now gotten the young singer in big trouble?

Hanging His Cute Head

Moments before Bieber's Ferrari crashed into a Honda Civic on Tuesday, House of Pain member Everlast sent out the following Tweet: "I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way."

Street racing in Los Angeles is both illegal and dangerous, but, far more importantly: House of Pain member Everlast is still alive?!? That's good to know.

We'll keep readers apprised on whether or not Bieber faces a penalty for his actions. In the meantime, just jump around.

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omg do you this is the one for you!!


hello justin bieber ay love


To Jasmine you can not spell! Go back to school and learn. Role model not romodel and Justin not Justen ( or did you mean stupid)


i dont care if justen did what he did hes my romodel like selena gomez i like juste he rock .


He can't sing worth crap what makes anyone think he knows how to drive?! What a loser!!!


I read about 3 of these articles and im discusted...A: what the hell is justin doin in a ferrari? B: Why get a ferrari if your going to drive the speed limit? honestly now if any of you were a celebrity your gonna type and be serious about him being dumb for driving fast? cause unless you dont plan on hitting 160 mph than maybe he should consider a rolls royce or a bentley..something thats not going to be taunted by anyone that sees him...oh and hate to break it to you but celebrities most likely can care less about any ticket...hopefully he doesnt have a few drinks and get behind the wheel. thats what to worry about people, just saying..


OMG it's the car ok?


Everyone knows that street racing is illegal but apparently these two idiots know that. Justin and the other guy were so fucking stupid, they could of killed their self or someone else,


hes very immature. He could kill someone!


That's why women shouldn't drive.
Especially a little girl.

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