Vikram Chatwal: Dating Lindsay Lohan?

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Is Lindsay Lohan hooking up with her "friend" Vikram Chatwal?

Considering she was seen making out with a mystery man in public, and the 39-year-old multimillionaire hotelier had been spotted at with LiLo at his New York City apartment partying until 5 a.m., it seems very possible.

But this is Lindsay Lohan, so there's always more to it.

Train Wreck Pic

While the duo appeared to be very much a couple last week, during which they also hit up New York's Fashion Week, Lohan's rep insists they're only pals.

Very close pals.

"Lindsay and Vikram are very good friends and nothing more than that," said Steve Honig, who reps LL. "There's no romance between the two of them."

"As for the photos, I cannot confirm whether or not that is Lindsay. They're grainy, her face isn't even showing that well. There's no way I can confirm that. The angle and the way the photos are shot can make something look misleading."

Sure man. Not as misleading? These HOT Lindsay Lohan photos!

[Photos: Fame Pictures]


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she's been with that dude Alex Christy lately... he's some restaurant guy she met in AA... whatever


LL's lifestyle is making her look like she has been ridden hard and put up wet. By the time she hits 30 (if she lives that long w/her destructive lifestyle and decisions she will look OLD. Another classic example of a celebrity who is constantly in the news for their crazy lifestyle instead of any real talent that most celebrities have ie: LL, the Kardashians, P. Hilton, Anna Nichole Smith, and the list goes on. Hope she gets her act together before she implodes.


she has not one shred of self respect. it was sad, it is not beyond pathetic. her soul is atrocious.


Haha just waiting for everyone to start hating, people are so mad that this white girl is banging a "towelhead".

Wv peach

Damn she looks like a dried-up old hag; too much makeup and awful hair color. WTF is she doing to herself. Lindz, get your shit together, go to school, and actually become a worthwhile human.




Missy, why would you subject Oscar The Grouch to that?


The girl is sick in the head from what her parents, especially her insane controlling father, put her through as a child. She needs extensive therapy and a few years out of the spotlight while she's getting it so she can feel what it's like to be a REAL person instead of one made up by family, films and photographers.

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