University of Maryland Football Uniforms: The Ugliest Ever?

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The University of Maryland defeated the University of Miami last night by a score of 32-24.

It was the first game of the season for both teams, the debut of Randy Edsall as the Terrapins' coach and the first game for the Hurricanes since news broke of a scandal that involves booster Nevin Shapiro and the money, gifts and prostitutes he bestowed on players over the last decade.

Still, none of the post-game chatter focused on any of these elements. Instead, all viewers only had one question: What the heck is up with those new Maryland uniforms?!?

Maryland Football Jerseys

With all due respect to Oregon football, the school may have set a new low in athletic fashion with this double-sided helmet and coordinated shoulder pad area. The uniform makes Nicki Minaj's VMA outfit appear sensible.

What do you think of the look?


So ESPN are you done on cutting down on the terps. You do know that they play in 1 of the toughest leagues and div1 ball.(acc)
We always get negative comments, I guess the nation didn't like our INTIMIDATION on college foot ball!!!
Our choice on colors, designs and when and where we wear them. But DAMN team plated and looked great!!!


Regardless of whether you like them or not it's a direct rip off of the helmets that the Charm City Rollergirls have been using for years. Have a bit of originality here people...


I agree with David. Maryland's flag is authentic heraldry and these uniforms depict that. I LOVE the new uniforms! They look AWESOME! I'm so pumped for the Terrapins, now!


As for me, I like the new uniform, as I think it has a specific meaning and grounding to it. Check the history of the state flag, the meaning of the two components (English heraldic coats of arms), and how they were used during the Civil War, and the hidden reference to the Mason-Dixon line. I dig it...


Not as bad as the Ducks ... what the hell was nike thinking they were ninja turtles? At least maryland is wearing their flag.


Hideous looking! Closest to clown costumes I have seen yet!

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