Tony Bennett Questions 9/11, Asks: Who are the Terrorists?

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Tony Bennett appeared on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday to promote his new album, Duets II.

But the talk turned to 9/11 after the iconic singer said he met President George W. Bush, who told him personally that going into Iraq was a "mistake." Stern wondered whether America had a choice, which promoted Bennett to respond:

"But who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don't make a right... They flew the plane in, but we caused it because we were bombing them and they told us to stop."

Watch the exchange now:

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Randal - He was not only using it on his toupee but sniffing it also. Too much cheap glue makes one stupid I guess. But he's always been a bit off anyway. These actors and singers think they know everything about everything. Stick to your singing. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and don't insult our troops and families of the 9/11 victims.


DUH!! Why the hell asks that?? The One and Only terrorist I'v heard of is THE US.


Well Cherri
In regard to Jane Fonda it wasn't her anti war statements etc from North Vietnam that earned her the contempt of the American people but in documented testimony from US P.O.W.s she was given notes with names by prisoners for her to take back and verify that they were alive, she turned over the notes to North Vietnamese prison officials who then beat the prisoners, a few to death. It is not what you say that should matter but any actions that lead to death or serious bodily harm to ANY prisoners of war, detainees, etc


Never thought of it that way but uhh...he has a rly good point. Im not sayin any1 of the victims deserved to die that day but every action does have a reaction. we bombed & killed them and the hi jacked a plane and killed our ppl. Its fukd up but true...


Tony's been usin' too much glue on his toup....again!


Why is it when celebrities take a stand on their opinions of war, they are bullied into taking back or re-phrasing their statements to satisfy the public and their public image, such as when Jane fonda was "blacklisted" by the public years ago with her "Hanoi Jane" anti-war activities. Being ANTI-WAR, against hatred, killing and violence does not make one a communist or take away in any manner from the victims or troops. In fact, the tragedy of all of the thousands of lives lost only solidifies the fact they would still be with us had we not resorted to resolving our problems through war.


Unbelievable statement by one of America's most beloved singer.
What would Mr.Bennett's response have been to the 911 events. Make
a duet with the terrorist while singing among the ruins of dead
bodies. He needs to take a nap!!

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