Tiki Barber Abandons NFL Comeback Bid

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Denied the opportunity by all 32 NFL teams to make a comeback, Tiki Barber is "flabbergasted" but apparently content to move on with his life.

"This is the last time I am speaking on this subject in any way, shape or form,'' said Barber's agent, Mark Lepselter, to the New York Post. "You can't worry about the things in life you can't control and Tiki has moved forward accordingly.''

Sports Illustrated's Peter King reported Monday that Barber didn't get a single call over the weekend as teams began finalizing their rosters.

Tiki Barber, Girlfriend

"I hear he's devastated," wrote King, who also talked to Lepselter, who told him: "We are flabbergasted that Tiki has not had an opportunity with any NFL team, especially when rosters were at 90 players this year (during training camp)."

"I certainly thought some team would be intrigued to see what he had left."

Barber's professional life imploded a few years ago when he divorced his pregnant wife and began seeing 23-year-old intern Traci Lynn Johnson (above).

The Today personality then likened himself to Anne Frank, which was lame.

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I was thinking the same thing Tami!! Karma is a Biatch!! He was on top of the world/ beautiful pregnant wife, retired from the NFL and going on to be the next upcoming face of NBC's today show. This is what happens when you risk everything bc apparently it all went to his head.
I hate mistresses and homewreckers! What's worse than them, is how week some men get over some poon tang! What a joke!


Karma thy name is so sweet. Was she worth it Tiki??? Was she?? Blondie won't be around for long..... Especially when the cash flow slows.

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