Tiah Tolliver Creates Drama on The X Factor

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The X Factor manufactured some drama around 19-year old contestant Tiah Tolliver last night.

After telling the judges she hopes to make it "platinum, double platinum and diamond," this full-lipped hopeful broke into a cover of "Impossible." Simon loved it. He said he had a "real feeling" about Tolliver.

But the other panelists didn't agree, causing Cowell to label them as "insane" and leading to another cover by Tiah. This time, of course, she received approval and acceptance into the next round. Was this supposed debate drummed up ahead of time? Of course. But that doesn't change the fact that Tiah Tolliver will be sticking around.

Does she deserve to be? You tell us...

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Absolutely awful, cant sing, and very unattractive. But what Simon wants Simon gets


Tiah sounds Fantastic ! Full of energy and charisma. I hope does well and makes it big......


I am falling madly in love with Tiah more and more. She reminds me of Rihanna when she first came out. I love her voice and she has that it factor you need to make it in the music business. A lot of the contestants on x-factor can sing but it takes more then that to be a top selling recording artist. She has the total package. once she undergoes that celebrity transformation she will be unstoppable like Rihanna is now.


she can sing, i like her


Umm Nope she can't sing, and that's bad because she's embarassing the city. (Sorry don't mean to offend but it's true).


Girl Wednesday night Oct. 5, 2011, you gave me chills. I got chills from Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, The Old Whitney Houston and Tiah Tolliver. Ya'll Watch


She looks like a Gelfling.


Go Tiah...Becca and I are rooting for you!!!!!!


She can, it just that her notes is off a little bit.


That girl cannot sing....shame on Simon.....