T.I.: Still Imprisoned Because of Reality Show

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Woe is T.I.

Justifiably or not, the reality show the rapper was filming totally got him hauled back to prison. Officials believed he had people from the show on the bus that took him to his halfway house - a big no-no, according to official documents.

If you're not familiar with the story, here's what went down:

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T.I. was released from prison August 31, under specific instructions to be transported to a halfway house to serve the remaining 30 days of his sentence.

The rapper was/is serving 11 months for violating probation in his federal weapons case, after he was pulled over and police found drugs on him last fall.

It was stipulated that he could ONLY travel with his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and was not allowed to conduct business en route to the halfway house.

But prison officials say T.I. also had his manager, along with two VH1 producers on board, chatting about his reality show as well as a book. Not kosher.

The VH1 producers and T.I.'s manager have submitted letters claiming they were not conducting business on the road, but prison officials didn't buy it.

Officials were also livid about the rapper's mode of transportation - a pimp ass tour bus ride - and claim that he did not disclose this prior to departing.

However, new photos show him accompanied by a prison guard as he made his way to the bus that carried him and his entourage to the halfway house.

T.I.'s legal team believes prison officials targeted T.I. when they picked him up at the halfway house and hauled him back to prison on baseless grounds.

His attorneys believe prison officials have trumped up other reasons to justify sending T.I. back, such as who was on board and the reality show plans.

Team T.I. claims he had a two-minute, casual conversation with the prison staff months before his release, and that's when he said Tiny would be there.

He never even considered who else might be there at the time, so his lawyers feel it's absurd to hold him accountable for that now. Stay tuned ...


Free ma nigga TI... we stil nid him...PMC 4 REAL..ATL 4 LYF.. HE HZ DA KING DA SOUTH...


He just need to do his time in jail as sentence. Stop giving him special treatment. Why would VH1 producers be on board with his mangager if they were not conducting busniess. T.I just saw another oppourtunity to make money from his wrong doing and is surprise he is not getting his way. He hit it big with the show MTV gave him. So called helped many young men, but turned around and did wrong again. While on probation might I add. He feels he is against the law and his bad boy antics and personal is going to get him more fans and money. I'm so over him. Great artist, might be a great husband and dad but at the end of the day he is acting like a money hungry thug. Sorry but I call it like I see it.


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