THG Caption Contest: Golfing With the Presidents

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Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest! Oh, to be a fly on the wall (or a fly in the sand trap, more accurately) in this round.

What did former President Bill Clinton say to President Barack Obama?

That's not a joke, we're asking you to tell us the answer in the latest edition of THG's Caption Contest! Come up with the best caption for the photo here!

All you have to do to play is click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s). Go to it! We will announce a winner Tuesday. Best of luck, all ...

Clinton and Obama Golfing
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Clinton: So the par is 3, and if you get 2 it's called a Birdie, but if you get 4 it's a Bogey...
Obama (cuts in ): Huh? What's a Bogey? You don't mean boogie, do you? I mean like everyone knows what a bird is, but why do they say boogie?
Clinton (to self): I thought everyone knew how to play golf?


Im mad Michelle wouldn't give it up last night!!


Hey let sell the US to China.


When life gives you lemons...go play golf.


fight club


White and Black make brown...


Hey where did our balls go? Oh that's right our wives have them.


London bridges falling down falling down falling down.


Obama: You stuck it in yesterday it's my turn bitch! Clinton: You really think your hot shit don't ya Obama? You need a colon cleanse before I touch you again bitchface!


"Yo B...Am I hearing things or do I hear "Ebony and Ivory" playing in the distance?"