The Real Housewives of New York City Defend Bravo, Send Sympathy to Taylor Armstrong

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In the midst of major drama and controversy - actual, unscripted drama and controversy for a change - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off season two last night. It earned -34 points from our critic.

Voices from across the Internet and the television dial have been chiming in on Bravo's decision to go through with the season in light of Russell Armstrong's suicide, but there are a few women at least who stand by the network: those employed by it.

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Let's take a look at how various Real Housewives of New York City feel about the events.

Ramona Singer: "I think it is very tragic. But I don't think that the reality show is to blame for his unfortunate death. I think he had problems. And it's sad when someone has so many problems, they feel the only way they can eliminate their pain is by taking their life."

Kelly Bensimon: "I would never blame it on the show. You don't know what happens behind closed doors. And no one can judge. It's no one's job to do that. A lot of people speculate."

Sonja Morgan: "My heart goes out to [Taylor] and I'm here for her. But I never intrude. She knows I'm here, but sometimes being helpful is just staying out of someone's business."

Last week, Bethenny Frankel also stood up for Bravo and said it was ridiculous to blame the show for Russell's decision.


This show is no different than the moives, soap's, ect. that are televised everyday. It is not their fault he chose to take his life. Also, if you have children watching this show you need to call your cable provider to inquire about PARENTAL CONTROLS on your TV! I don't understand why people feel the need to vilify others because they are wealthy. Would you turn down an opportunity to do a reality show? I didn't think so! As for the rich people getting a life...I'm sure they have worked very hard to attain this life stlye. It's fair to say the shows are a "a slap in the face" to the less fortunate. As a matter of fact, there is a horrifying percentage of people in this country collecting welfare, unemployment, ect. that are able to work. How do you feel about the number of immigrants our government allow in this country? Look at the big picture!!! I think you are jealous.


What do you expect these cast members to say....Bravo and it's constant desire to script anything sordid and controversial is at fault. Anything that people who are feeding at the trough reply is coloured by self interest. What a waste of time.


This show needs to be taken off the air - just like the other "housewife" shows, etc. These shows are full of rich people that really need to get a life. There are so many people in our country right now working for minimum wage, collecting welfare etc., these shows are just a slap in the face to hard working individuals. And then, to have a suicide as a result of issues stemming from this show - WOW - our country is in big trouble if we believe these are the types of shows that we are watching and letting our children watch. Just find these types of shows to be very disgusting!

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