The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Keepin' it Classy in Punta Cana

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey made their way to the Dominican Republic's Punta Cana this week with one question on their minds. Can't we all just get along?

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    Who all don't care2 watch the show don't watch but for us fans that do we're hoping the show want get canceled.As for tresea I luv her she's just misunderstood she stand up for hers u go gril.Kathy know what she's doing Melissa need too keep her mouth shut except when she sings now she can blow.As for the 2's Joe's Melissa's. hubby is funny I like him treads hubby need help braveo instead of trips get himsom help


    Every week I am more and more disturbed by the lack of good taste exhibited on this show. Its like watching a car don't want to see the blood, but just can't help but look! Theresa is seeming more and more pathetic and desperate with each episode. And with regard to their oldest daughter and her disturbing "songs",I absolutely don't understand why anyone would allow their child to be exploited on a tv program when it is so obvious that she is in need of some stability and maturity from the adult parents in her life! We have laws against animal cruelty, but its alright to watch a little girl have a mental breakdown? Come on, someone needs to put a stop to this nonsense and send all of these people back in to their little narcisstic holes.


    Caroline and her family are the only ones with class and act like real good people, my question is how do they stand being around Theresa? She is a class A Beoth=ch. She needs to get over her self she is Not as hot as she thinks and Joe is a PIG


    why ??????
    FIRST; Who is paying for all of this????
    SECOND; I am from New Jersey we(meaning 95%of NJ'en's)DO NOT act like this.
    I am tried of the whole bunch. Please go back into the woodwork were you came from!!!!!


    These classless pigs hamming it up in Puta Cunta! Too bad they didn't get shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island!


    My 11 yr old son summed it ALL up for me:
    "Why do you watch that kind of show, mom?" I said 'It's sooo stupid that I can sleep through it easily' His words of wisdom "Doesn't that make you 'stoopee' just for wasting the electricity on stupid show like that? Why don't you watch Spongebob instead?" I am taking up on his suggestion.
    Shame on Bravo for allowing this kind of obnoxious shameful despicable behaviors flaunt on TV. Double 'shame on yous' to all the RHoNJ casts for thinking that what you are showingoff now is not going to haunt you down the years.
    Why do people have to feel sorry for the Guidices financial woes? That woman can still feed on her illusions of fabulousity by milking the working class men? It's stupid as STUPID does!!~!!


    It is obvious Teresa's Joe doesn't like her much, or even have very much respect for her, except begrudgingly in front of a crowd. It is making me feel quite uncomfortable to watch it. This show just keeeps me interested tho, with its disturbing personalities.


    I like Caroline but I think she was suffering from just a little bit of that green-eyed devil claiming she was suffering from a migraine. Melissa and Joe are funny but nasty for doing it in the ladies changing booth. Teresa is a nut case but she did look better than Melissa.


    I can't elevate the two Joe's behavior to that of other wildlife. Animals behave with much more class than they do. Let's hope climate change makes their species extinct, but unfortunately, no such luck.

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