The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Welcome, Brandi Glanville!

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The mean girls came out to play on the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night. THG examines all the cattiness in our weekly +/- recap!

We start off with Adrienne and Paul still waiting on Kim. Minus 5. The plane is on the runway and everyone is waiting but still no Kim. When she finally arrives she looks exactly how Paul suspected... intoxicated. Of course no one can say for sure but if this is Kim's behavior sober, that's just pretty darn scary.

Kim Richards Image

Kim took an awfully long time to take her sunglasses off. Was it simply that she wasn't happy with her makeup? As her story goes, her power went out and she had to go to a neighbor's house to apply it before she could leave for the airport.

When they finally arrives at the game Kim just won't shut up. Plus 8 for the look on Adrienne's face as Taylor blathers on and for Paul who just tells her to be quiet and watch the game. Somehow Kim doesn't strike me as a big sports fan.

Then we cut to Taylor who has run to Kyle to complain about an article in the paper about her and Russell's disintegrating marriage. Kyle asks where they could have gotten such information. Umm.  Ladies, look up. Do you see those cameras following you around. Your personal lives are now public fodder and in case you've forgotten, you signed up for this. Minus 15 for being oblivious to the obvious.

Taylor and Russell are so serious about their privacy that they have their house staff sign confidentiality agreements but they sign on for a reality TV show? Why on earth would they do that? Minus another 10 for making no sense at all but as they say, common sense isn't very common.

We didn't see much of Camille. She decided to take a trip. Since she's still dealing with the end of her marriage and the emotional fall out, she's decided to do that in Hawaii. Plus 9. It sounds like a good a place as any.

Finally we get to Kyle's charity cocktail party and the ladies are in rare form. First Lisa accosts Taylor. She hounds her about her severe weight loss. Although I understand the fear, having this conversation in the middle of a party seemed pretty rude. Minus 7.

That leads Taylor to wonder if Lisa is the one who leaked her personal information to the press since her weight loss was mentioned in the article. I suppose it is a coincidence but considering Taylor looks like she's wasting away, more people should be concerned for her welfare.

In Taylor's defense, it's hard to accept help from a woman who keeps reminding you that she's not your friend. Minus 5 for what felt like a backhanded offer from Lisa. Although I honestly think Lisa was trying to be helpful in her own bossy bitch type of way.

Brandi Glanville Promo Pic

Then we meet Adrienne's friend Brandi and everyone is in an uproar. Brandi Glanville is Eddie Cibrian's ex. The one he left for LeAnn Rimes. Ouch. And heaven forbid she's been seen with Cedric. Because of it the poor woman can't shake Lisa's glare all evening. Minus 5.

I found Brandi funny, whether she's trying to be is a whole other question. She broke her leg wearing extremely high heels and then continues to wear stilettos with her cast. Now that earns a Plus 10 for sheer ridiculousness. 

But the ladies got really catty towards Brandi. Speculating on her relationships and making fun of her heels while the woman is sitting mere feet away. I really hate those kind of mean girl tactics, Minus 12.

Something tells me Brandi isn't going to go quietly. It looks like we'll being seeing more of her so the ladies will either need to learn how to play nice, or sharpen their claws. Which do you think it will be.



Can't say I want to meet the new one since I don't want to meet the old ones. Never watch any of these shows--feeling brain cells oozing out just thinking about it.


really do not care about these shows. DIGUSTING! do they want another suicide on their hands. what makes these shows so special? NOTHING.


Why are you sending emails with the subject "Meet the New HWOBH???? She IS NOT one of the housewives! She is a guest...they made that perfectly clear back before the season started! You media people...anything for the ratings!


I think that Brandi will be a WONDERFUL addition to the show...HOLLA!!! She's gonna be the perfect person to keep all the rest of the catty ladies and all IN-CHECK!!! Remember, she showed such class and grace when her playa ex-husband Eddie Cibrian left her for that homewrecking Leann Rimes. Brandi acted like a CHAMP!!! Bottom Line: ladies, PLEASE give Brandi a chance. Ya'll owe her AT LEAST THAT MUCH!!! Brandi, Stay Classy!!!


I love all the women, & i dont think brandi should be on the show, she is a non factor. The women arent jealous they are amused, & women like brandi come& n go, just ask her ex-husband who traded that model in literally ha.


Um I thought this show was called HOUSEWIVES? This new witch isn't a housewife. She is a bitter wife who got left for someone else and whined about it and made a stink in the media. I will be fast forwarding through any scenes with her in it. She slit his tires out of anger? She took a private situation to the press at every chance she got? I didn't like her when I just read about her and when I found out who she was and what her claim to her 15 minutes of fame is I thought UGH GAG !!! And um Eddie filed for divorce from this woman, good thing! As for the comment about how the press found out about Taylor, that's not quite accurate to say "ladies look up, there are cameras all over the place" since the show is filmed weeks behind and the weight issue hadn't been addressed on the show last season. I don't think that Lisa is the one that said anything but who knows?


Really? The entire cast acts like some of the rich bitches I went to an all-girls Catholic high school with. Catty, catty, catty. They really do seem to think and act as if they're still in high school. I used to want to be very, very wealthy but it's become painfully obvious to me that money really can't buy happiness. These women have way too much time on their hands. I hope Kim gets real and admits herself into rehab. She's a train wreck waiting to happen. If she won't listen to any of the adults I wonder if her kids could approach her about it. It's a shame to watch her demons come out right before our eyes. I'm glad she and Kyle have mended their relationship. Kim needs all the support she can get.


I thought feathers were supposed to be flying last night... The show was actually pretty tame! I was amused at how the "regulars" became "mean girls" when Brandi came on the scene... I tried to imagine how I would feel if I showed up somewhere and girls gathered in a corner laughing and talking about me, but then I thought about what they were laughing at, and decided "they" (the regulars) had a point... They were pretty much laughing at the 4 inch wedge shoes that Brandi was wearing, while on crutches with the other foot broken, and the reason she broke the other foot is because she fell off her 4 inch heels... LOL... worth laughing about.. but still kinda mean! Was Kim really drunk? She did seem like it!


Geez, Kim was such an angelic child in all those old Disney movies!


Just the way Brandi gets Kyle's panties all in a bunch with jealousy makes me love her. I am going to enjoy every minute of her.

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