The Lion King Roars to Box Office Victory

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The good looks of Brad Pitt and Taylor Lautner were no match for the three dimensions of Simba, Nahla and company this weekend, as The Lion King in 3D narrowly edged Moneyball and Abduction for most money earned Friday and Saturday.

Here's a look at the top five box office results from the weekend:

  1. The Lion King (3D): $22.1 million
  2. Moneyball: $20.6 million
  3. Dolphin Tale: $20.2 million
  4. Abduction: $11.2 million
  5. Killer Elite: $9.5 million
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I'm so sick of 3D movies please let this trend die. Avatar started it and it just wont end. 3D makes a movie earn more than it really would have without it. I'm suprised moneyball made this much. Nobody watches baseball movies. It was the highest grossing baseball movie ever. Nobody wants to see Jacob without twilight.


Brad Pitt has good looks??? Yeah no that was like ten years ago.


Even though The Lion King was supposed to be a limited 2 week engagement, I would Not be surprised if the powers that be hold it over even longer than the 2 weeks advertised. The Lion King in 3-D was an absolute pleasure to revisit!!