The Hunger Games Spoilers: Five Scenes to Watch For!

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The filming of The Hunger Games is complete, according to Lionsgate.

With the announcement that the first film in the much-anticipated franchise is now in the next phase of its production, a full-length trailer can't be far behind.

In the meantime, here are five key scenes that will define this film event and have fans counting down the days until the premiere, scheduled for March 23.

Be forewarned, as significant spoilers lie ahead ...

A Capitol event. According to reports, the scenes shot in the Capitol for the opening ceremonies of The Hunger Games will be nothing short of epic.

Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss dons a dress made of flames, courtesy of Lenny Kravitz as her stylist, Cinna. The visuals are said to be out of this world.

Katniss-on-Peeta action: As part of an ongoing saga, Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson get their mack on while in the arena. Do we need to say more?

Hemsworth hunts. Peeta, schmeeta. Some of the hunting scenes featuring Gale show Liam Hemsworth at his ripped finest. Great casting, THG.

Awesome Effie: Elizabeth Banks steals every scene in her pink-wigged, diva-like glory, bringing to life one of the books' most colorful characters.

RIP Rue: Katniss's BFF, played by youngster Amandla Stenberg, does not make it out alive, leading to a poignant scene in which Kat adorns Rue's body with flowers, then sings alongside her fallen comrade's body. Amazing stuff.

As a viewer, which scenes are you looking forward to the most?

How well do you think this saga will adapt to the big screen?

Tell us below, and be sure to visit The Hollywood Gossip for all the latest news and happenings regarding The Hunger Games between now and March 23.


I am soo excited! I cant wait to see the controvercy at the Cornipica at the last part! ( Pooooor Cato ) I also cant wait to see Thresh confront Clove!


HAHAHA i can´t wait till the movie LOL especially because katniss and peeta win the hunger games together and YESSSS THIS IS THE SPOILER ecxept for the mickingjayspoiler Peete/& Katniss Live Happy forever


I LOVE THE BOOK!! They really are the best books i've ever read! really jealous of Jennifer though because i am totally in love with Josh!!! always have been!! i hope the film is as good as the books. Can't wait!!!


Reaping! I want to see the emotion and drama of Reaping Day on the big screen!!


I'm looking forward 2 the scene where Peeta confessess his love for Katniss in his interview with Caeser Flickerman.


i am most excited for peeta and katniss scenes i think they did a fantastic job of casting peeta and katniss i love josh hutcherson he is sooo adorable which peeta should be. He was my favorite character in the book and i think josh will do a great job. :]


i lovvvveeeedddddd the books and, as excited as i am for the movie, i can't help thinking it will ruin it for me. i love being able to think about the characters and relive the scenes in my head the way I see them and the movie will spoil that. I'm speaking from my experience with HP.


i think they totally messed up the part for peeta and a couple other people in the book. katniss has black hair and gray eyes in the book but she has brown hair and blue eyes in the movie. they shuold really be careful with their chocies in the movie. DONT WANT TO MAKE BIG HUNGER GAMES FANS UPSET!!!!




Wow, I cant wait for the movie! I am 13 and in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee with the Hunger GAmes. I just hope Gray Ross doesnt messs it up!