The Game to "Pretend" Gays: Quit Spreading AIDS!

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The Game is not smart. This is nothing new.

Still, with his belief that closeted gay men are spreading AIDS by "fooling" women into having sex with them, well, he's even less bright than we thought.

In an interview with VLADTV, he says he doesn't have a problem with gay men ... save for the ones "pretending" not to be gay and sleeping with women.

Seriously, his words:

"The #1 issue with that is you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die ... and that s**t spreads," says the rapper.

"That girl you might be fooling might leave you," he adds as a cautionary tale, and "go find another dude who ain't gay and give him the disease."

Basically, in the mind of Game, all closeted gay men not only have AIDS, they best come out, so people know to avoid them unless they want AIDS.

Spoken like a true PSA, no?


Neci, your a fucking idiot. Period. I won't even go into why your comment made you sound so fucking dumb because your dumbass still won't get it.


Let's not be nieve. There are tons of men that are married and in the closet that are having affairs w/ men. We hear it all the time. Back in the day I had a male friend that was gay and he'd meet men in chat rooms all the time. Prob 80 percent were married. I don't know if The Game is smart or not but his point is certainly valid.


Go to the GOP! They have all the closet Gays you can find.and AIDs as well. That's where. You will find them Foley, Sen Roberto Arango! Many other self loathing hypocrites infecting women.. As well as Gay bashing "family Values" what pathetic and dangerous Scum!


This is so crude, that it's embarrassng. They are not REALLY going to use this as a PSA, are they?


And open wounds, but compared to drugs and sex I don't think this ones as common or at least as hyped up as sex and drugs... But who knows maybe im wrong?


I agree with most of you but just a thought here; aids is mostly contracted by sexuality but you can also get it by having an open wound by one who has aids or being born with it. Usually the only way u can get aids as a baby is by ur parents who indirectly had sex or did drugs with needles... So yes indirectly aids is caused by sexuality or drugs. When u share needles especially uncleaned needles u have a huge risk of getting aids... Drugs and unprotected sex... Just saying... Sex is the majority but don't forget drugs, cause that too is a big one.


For you idiots that think AIDS only affect blacks really need to have a talk with your physician. AIDS affect everyone. I guarantee you that if you decide to have 5 unprotected one night stand with men or woman other than black your ass will become infected. You idiots are sheep just waiting to be slaughtered...

Team me

I think the whole point should be that,
A. Not all gay people have AIDS. Okay. There are plenty of gay people who don't have AIDS.
B. Just because a person has AIDS, doesn't mean they slept with someone who was gay.
C. If you DO have AIDS and you're aware of it, regardless of whether you're gay or not, sleeping with a man or a woman, you should inform your partner of your disease. If you don't, then you pretty much signed that person's death warrant. You've ruined their lives. Yeah, if you say, "Hey, I have AIDS," you're probably not going to get laid, unless that person seriously loves the shit out of you. But really. Do the right thing.


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Hold the hell up! Game is right about AIDS is speading from homo sexual men and drugs. What piss me off is alot of down low mothaf**ker who is male hoe's that sale sex on the street and bring that $hit home to their wives. To me homo sexual men and drugs is the biggest problem that spreads AIDS around this country. So dont comment it not homo sexual fault whatever. It is sad that alot of women have to struggle with down low men every single day cause most men is not going to be honest about their sexual life.

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