Teen Mom Season Finale Recap: See You in a Few Years, Sophia!

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On the season finale of Teen Mom, everything came to a head. What did Farrah Abraham decide about moving? How did Maci Bookout leave things with Ryan Edwards? Does Gary Shirley have a career as a recording artist?

All questions we may not fully know the answers to until the reunion special and perhaps beyond, but still. Absolutely edge-of-your-seat, gripping TV.

Let's break down the third season finale of Teen Mom, THG style!

Farrah Abraham on the After Show

Farrah celebrated Sophia's second birthday by putting her cooking skills to work on a cake. We don't mean to sound harsh, but ... maybe it's time for a second career path? Or a different one altogether? Thing looked rank. Minus 6.

At least she tried, though. For once. Plus 3.

The motherhood thing? Not her style! Farrah is going to "grow into my own person" and "become whole again" by ditching her daughter in Iowa and going to school in Florida. Sophia will feel so loved watching this in a few years. Minus 25.

She decided to poignantly drive around and look at places that reminded her of Derek ... the guy she broke up with and accused of stalking her, and whose parents want to take Sophia away from her. Totally realistic portrayal. Minus 11.

Can Amber Portwood go a week without legal problems? Can Gary go a day without wearing the Aeropostale shirt? Unclear on both counts! Plus 5.

Big Daddy, for reasons unknown, picked up his guitar and composed a ballad to his girl. Would be better if we didn't know Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley just broke up for the 20th time, but hey, nice effort. Plus 9.

Amber to Leah: "Do you want mommy and daddy to be nice and not fight in front of you?" Better question would have been: "Do you want mommy to plead guilty to felony battery and/or child neglect?" Minus 14.

Goodbye, Daughter!

Ryan and Maci had an actual, normal-sounding discussion and agreed to get along for the sake of their son. Plus 12 for putting their differences aside.

Ryan, after his dad encouraged him to go back to school, "Do I need another trade though?" Dad: "It's better than sleeping." PWNED!!!!!!!!!!! Plus 9.

Bentley calls his place "Mimi's house." Just saying. Minus 4, Ry, you ass.

We feel like we're "un-f*%king-glued" sitting through this. Minus 3.

Maci, at age 19, wants Kyle to get down on one knee NOW, 'cause she "can't wait that long" for a commitment. Minus 8 for the stupidity of that statement, but Plus 10 for Kyle sagely telling her to be patient.

Catelynn and Tyler take part in a scripted story in which adopted daughter Carly attends their high school graduation so as to keep them on the show for whatever reason MTV decided they must do so. Minus 12.

Butch and his mullet are sent back to prison after failing a drug test. Minus 6, because we really had hopes for that felon and his epic hair.

Cate and Ty are definitely our picks to get pregnant again first. Plus 5.



maci son bently is so cute he look just like maci


hey you fucking cry alot and you need to get over and found you another babydaddy


Howcan you look at precious Sophia's little face and not want to be with her every second? Farrah is a poor excuse for a mother,...and she's a bitch to her mother,...her mother who would do anything for her and Sophia. It's girls like Farrah and amber that should be bashed by the public not good mothers such as Leah messer. I am also a teen mom I had my first child at 16 and my 2nd at 19 and I can't imagine going a day without my kids. The problem is,...is Farrah is still a child herself...she's the last girl that should have had a baby. Girls like her make me sick. How does it feel to have your child call YOUR mother momma.


People need to understand that these are teen playing robe parents. Farrah did love her child's father, but it seems that they did not hav a healthy relationship. She was instructed by her parents to leave him and contact with him was forbidden. She had no choice so she did not tell him she was expecting. I thing she tries to act more mature., a d part of it is to get her own space and act like at 20 year old


I was a 14 year old single mom and yes 14... I made it i have 4 beautiful children and a husband of 8 years... Maci and catelynn are amazing they both did what they thought was the best thing for their child and for them the are beautiful and smart! Ryan come on guys he is an excellent father! Him and maci will work things out it takes time trust me i know and farrah she is a mess if she reads this i want her to know stop thinking about your self and think about your daughter she is to young for you to up and leave her go to freakin school right there in your hometown and get off this baby daddy crap look you didnt have shit to do with him now all of a sudden your in love look my daughters father died too a horrible death and we had contact the whole time i did love him! amber girl i know how it is ive had a messed up life too but girl gary seems like a good guy stop pushing him away girl you know you love him work it out! stop fightin round that baby youll make it girl


i think that is crazy leaving ur child behind yes go to school around ur home. i had my son at 17 and was still in school and a single mom but u got to do it four years later i can say im really proud of wat i've done to beter my childs life: )


Sophia is adorable Farah is a good mom, and I think she should keep Sophia close to her, Farah's mom may have a hard time giving her up to her later on.. more problems... Please keep these teens on teen mom please I only like these moms, So Farah can have an excellent day care provider for Sophia, while in school....Good luck Farah and Sophia, I love you both!!!!!!


i think that farrah is a good mom to her daughter sophia and i think it is a good idea for her to leave baby sophia with her mom that way she can get herself together and once she can do that maybe she will go back to her mom's house and stay there or just live in florida .


sophie is a fire baby af


I don't believe for one moment that Farrah is ditching her daughter as she obviously loves her and cares for her very much. Farrah's mother did nothing but pick, pick, pick at her for months on end about everything and tried to control her every move. I wasn't at all surprised when Farrah tried to make it on her own. Farrah must have been incredibly lonely - something nobody should be, especially at that age. As a consequence she proably daydreamed about Derek and the good times (and the fact her child's father had died). It is entirely possible he knew nothing of Sophia's impending birth when he died. I don't doubt for a moment that Farrah's mother made her keep the news from him in her usual controlling way. Big mistake. I feel sad for Farrah and also for her brow-beaten father, Michael, too. At least Farrah is showing ambition and wants her life to amount to something. @Peartree : Cheap shot. Not true. Not remotely funny.

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