Teen Mom Reunion: Dr. Drew Calls Out Train Wrecks

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After a tumultuous season of Teen Mom, the fab four headed to L.A. for their obligatory MTV reunion special slash therapy session with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

He did not mince words.

Farrah Abraham in particular got an earful from Drew after crying about her cruel fate, missing out on her teenage years because she had a baby, etc.

Farrah and Sophia Photo

I love you so much!!!! Okay, later!

While Farrah ditched Sophia with her parents to go "found herself" in Florida, she used this opportunity to tell everyone she'd changed her mind! Maybe!

Farrah doesn't know if it's in Sophia's best interest to be cared for by her personally or her grandparents in Iowa. She's also, like, so lonely in Florida!

Dr. Drew finally had to shut down the pity party, which has been building all summer and apparently didn't end with last week's Teen Mom season finale.

Telling Farrah to "add it up," the doc said, first off, to stop sniveling: "You have to let go of the fantasies of childhood," he said. "It's time to let go."

In brighter news, college-bound Catelynn Lowell had an onstage epiphany of her own: She should become an adoption counselor! Well, okay then!

Later, Amber Portwood replaced Farrah on the hot seat. Since the Teen Mom reunion was taped weeks before Amber's suicide attempt, much of their discussion about her quote unquote successful therapy didn't exactly move us.

Amber ultimately burst into tears and stormed off the stage. What set her off? Not Gary Shirley, not serious legal problems or custody issues with daughter Leah, but her baby sister's crib death when Amber was very young.

Yeah. That about sums up what kind of night it was.


What is wrong with this rude, disrespectful, stuck up child? Farrah really needs a SERIOUS reality cheek!! What's wrong with her horrible attitude? Ahe treats everyone SO disrespectful & rude constantly!! She thinks she's all that & she's SOOOOO FAR FROM THAT!!! She REALLY needs to take a huge look at herself!!! I've NEVER seen someone act so rude - ALL THE TIME!!!!! She seriously needs some counseling!! It's no wonder sahe has absolutely NO FRIENDS!!!! She's SO rude to everyone!! I can't believe she treats her parents like she does. It's disgusting!!! She really nwe


These ladies need to get real jobs instead of the reality show stupidity that they are portraying. I dont care if you are 12 when you have a child GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF IT!! And if you decide to give your child away to give it a better chance at life then dont keep sayin 'We did a very unselfish thing' then every other statement is 'We wouldnt be doing this if we had Carly' you sound like selfish twits!! All these girls get on my nerves and i dont want my daughters looking up to any of them!


Love the show, I would like to see these children grow up until they are exiting high school and see just what they become with such a messed up beginning. I would watch this show as long as it comes on. It is certainly an eye opener, it should be more than entertainment for young people. I would also like to see the lives of the teens that did not get cast for the teen mom episodes. I guess I'm just nosey and find the show entertaining at 45.


I think Farrah, is a spoiled brat that needs a swift kick in the butt. Her parents are nothing but great to her and she totally disrespects them. They should kick her to the curb and let her stand on her own two feet and see how she likes that. She does nothing only whine, about her messed up life. Farrah, get over it and show some respect and not disrespect to your parents. Count your blessings to have such great supportive parents.


Wow, I bet you guys don't write this much when your teacher assigns you homework. LOL I can understand being entertained by these clowns, but leave the analysis to Dr. Drew. You are wasting precious brain cells.


Sorry to say this, but trauma isn't like a normal memory that you just "forget." Amber clearly states that she remembers the stretcher coming in and her mother screaming. I almost drowned when I was two years old and I remember it very clearly, I remember the people screaming, sinking in the water and all the bubbles around me. Also, my mother died when I was child, and it was 20 years ago. But I am still in grief to this day over it due to it being traumatizing, andI also remember her losing all her hair due to the chemo and crying, and I was only five. I remember the last thing she ever said to me was "Mickey Mouse" because she was on so many drugs, and I still hear her saying it so clearly over and over. So yeah, she could be suffering some terrible trauma from that memory. Amber needs help, a lot of help, but only she can make herself better. I hope someday she does get better instead of becoming a statistic.


Wat an ignorant and uneducated thing to say that because she was so young and couldnt remember how could she be upset. I dont like the girl but if ur mum died when you was 4 you couldnt be upset coz you dont remember. You idiot


On the reunion show; Amber looked horrible, like her fake eyelashes were not put on right or that she was very high. I'm sorry, but I think that she should be taken off the show! Comment if you agree with me.


Catelynn an adoption counselor? Please! When you give up a baby for adoption you are to stay out of their life fore ever! could you give me your boyfriend's phone # he is pure cougar bait!


I can't stand farrah..remember her episode of 16 and pregnant...She didnt want nothing to do with the babys father....She didnt even tell him she was having his baby!!! and remember she got his number blocked..Now shes acting all sad and lonely because he passed away...acting like they were together and in love...pleeease...this chick is wack...and amber...i can't stand this chick..she looks like she shoulda been on teen wolf not teen mom.....the next dude she dates better take some self defense classes....cuz this chick dont play...if she can beat up gary...she can take down anyone...this chick is a BEAST!!!!!!!but I like catelynn and tyler...very mature and both are going on the right track...I give them props for giving their baby away....it wasn't for themselves, it was so their daughter could have a better life.......

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