Teen Mom Recap: Baby Grandma Drama

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On this week's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham butted heads with her mom regarding Sophia, while Maci made a discovery about Bentley's paternal grandmother.

Making sure Amber didn't have to work too hard (heaven forbid, what would the world be coming to), Leah's grandparents did a heck of a job pitching in as well.

Catelynn and Tyler? They're still around too. No one knows why.

Let's break down last night's episode of Teen Mom, THG style!

Farrah Abraham Image

Farrah's plans to move to Ft. Lauderdale are shockingly still in effect. She was even accepted into a culinary school. Which one? Who knows, but Plus 4 because at least it required some degree of effort on her part.

She takes her parents out to dinner for her dad's birthday and unveils the present every father craves - she booked a family counseling session!! Crickets. Minus 7.

Farrah says the idea of being without Sophia is "hard on me." Ya think? Plus 5.

It's also "good that I spend more time on myself, because I need that." Don't we all. You can't use that as an excuse to shirk responsibility, though. Minus 6.

Can Amber Portwood not pronounce words right or does she just drop letters to sound hard? I.e., she dumped "Clin'n" after she just got out "jay'o". Minus 9.

Plus 4 for the act of dumping Clinton Yunker though. Bad news.

That house is like a cesspool of disease. We feel like we're going to get strep just writing about it. Minus 10 for that and for Amber's ridiculous makeup.

Cate and Ty

Tyler and Catelynn do their thing. We have no idea what that is, really, given that they gave Carly up for adoption and she is not really a teen mom. Minus 6.

That's not a criticism of their decision. They deserve credit for doing what they felt was right. But they simply don't have a real place on the show anymore.

Seems like they're soooo in lurrrve though, so Plus 3. Look at the photo above. Nothing a romantic getaway with your stepbrother can't fix, right Cate?

Maci is still taking classes. Wow, good for her. Props, girl. Plus 4.

Wow, Ryan Edwards is reverting to 16 and Pregnant form. Minus 5.

Honestly, his mom is taking care of two toddlers now. Plus 7 for her effort, but honestly Ryan. You're going to be in the dictionary under deadbeat one day.

Maci learns Bentley calls Ryan's mom "Mimi." Stings. Minus 4.

Maci: "I don't know how to fix Ryan. I don't know how to deal with him." Sharon: "Should've thought of that before you had his baby." PWNED!!!! Plus 12.



Farrah, Please go to school leave your daughter with mom and dad. Do not piss me off any more buy being so self centered. It will be hard but come on your school is for what 1 year!!! You can see her on weekends or what ever. She will never remember you being away in the long run. She will however love you more later when you can make her life better then it is now. Your mother,dad,grandmother,sister will be there for her. FOR GOD SAKE!!!!


Farrah has the worst attitude. She calls her Dad Michael and says it like she hates him. She is always angry. It won't be long before it affects her daughter if not already. She doesn't seem like she appreciates that her parents help her. Her Mom is rather annoying but she doesn't have to be too. Get it together Farrah.


I think it's awesome they keep catelynn & Tyler on the show! It shows the other side of things, another option for girls that get pregnant young. It shows that they are able to do the things they want & need to as teenagers. It shows both sides of the story! I'm a fan of 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom, but I'm beginning to wonder how good of an idea it was to have this show on MTV for all of the teens today to watch, at the beginning of school this year at my sons school there were 5 girls that were noticably pregnant! I thought the kids were getting smarter about this since I was in school, but with these shows so popular the kids seem to have reverted!


Alright...i had enough fun slammn these girls!...their doing more damage to themselves than we could ever!...(smh)..ps so ladies, hope you all put money to the side(nothing lasts forever, jus ask KATE lmao)


How can Ryan mom be so judgemental about Maci living with her boyfriend, about her son having his girlfriends around the child as well so I guess that's alright.It's like we are still in the old ages here whatever the man do it's ok but the women god forbid they try to have a life.They should just go to court and make the judge rule so this will final and stop worrying about the whole custody thing.She can't tell the other parent who or what she should do or who to live with just be a grandparent and love the child.But no matter he will never grow up as long as his parents are there to bail him out of things. At least she has her own place.Just hope his new girlfriend is using protection.


I am SO happy to see THG write that about tyler and catelynn. I have had several pervious arguments on here about this. Although i do feel she is a teen mom at heart, she doesnt have the child with her. She is amazing for what she did though, she realized she couldnt get carly the life she needed, so she did what was best. She is a VERY strong person for that. But when it comes to the show, they are the most boring part of it. MTV even stated that the ratings for them are no where near like the other girls. When they had eposides where they met with carly & her new parents, that was a good one. It is just pointless to have them on the show anymore..but dont get me wrong, they DID do the right thing!

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