Teen Mom Recap: Baby Grandma Drama

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On this week's Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham butted heads with her mom regarding Sophia, while Maci made a discovery about Bentley's paternal grandmother.

Making sure Amber didn't have to work too hard (heaven forbid, what would the world be coming to), Leah's grandparents did a heck of a job pitching in as well.

Catelynn and Tyler? They're still around too. No one knows why.

Let's break down last night's episode of Teen Mom, THG style!

Farrah Abraham Image

Farrah's plans to move to Ft. Lauderdale are shockingly still in effect. She was even accepted into a culinary school. Which one? Who knows, but Plus 4 because at least it required some degree of effort on her part.

She takes her parents out to dinner for her dad's birthday and unveils the present every father craves - she booked a family counseling session!! Crickets. Minus 7.

Farrah says the idea of being without Sophia is "hard on me." Ya think? Plus 5.

It's also "good that I spend more time on myself, because I need that." Don't we all. You can't use that as an excuse to shirk responsibility, though. Minus 6.

Can Amber Portwood not pronounce words right or does she just drop letters to sound hard? I.e., she dumped "Clin'n" after she just got out "jay'o". Minus 9.

Plus 4 for the act of dumping Clinton Yunker though. Bad news.

That house is like a cesspool of disease. We feel like we're going to get strep just writing about it. Minus 10 for that and for Amber's ridiculous makeup.

Cate and Ty

Tyler and Catelynn do their thing. We have no idea what that is, really, given that they gave Carly up for adoption and she is not really a teen mom. Minus 6.

That's not a criticism of their decision. They deserve credit for doing what they felt was right. But they simply don't have a real place on the show anymore.

Seems like they're soooo in lurrrve though, so Plus 3. Look at the photo above. Nothing a romantic getaway with your stepbrother can't fix, right Cate?

Maci is still taking classes. Wow, good for her. Props, girl. Plus 4.

Wow, Ryan Edwards is reverting to 16 and Pregnant form. Minus 5.

Honestly, his mom is taking care of two toddlers now. Plus 7 for her effort, but honestly Ryan. You're going to be in the dictionary under deadbeat one day.

Maci learns Bentley calls Ryan's mom "Mimi." Stings. Minus 4.

Maci: "I don't know how to fix Ryan. I don't know how to deal with him." Sharon: "Should've thought of that before you had his baby." PWNED!!!! Plus 12.



NICOLE-I speak my mind and you knw im right....."it wont happen to me"thats a sorry exuse for ANYONE to use...We all knw when having sex NO birth control method is 100 % effective ...tennagers also knw this, school educates them in this subject and they still go and have sex ....if they knw they aint ready for parenthood then they need to keep them legs closed! Dnt find excuses for their lack of responsability, you only enable them ....


Tyler and catelyyn are heartless, how on gods green earth are you going to give up your own flesh&blood!! Not even animals do this! the Responsible thing was for them to have used a CONDOM!! Or keep their horny selfs under control.shit how fucken easy to give away ur fucken responsability to someone else.easy to spread ur legs, not so easy to deal with the responsability it comes along with huh kids?


I think Macy and Farrah are the best mothers on the show... they pay attention to their children, I think that as long as Farrah doesnt go wild away in Florida like most young women do, and she goes to School like she should it is okay to let her mom watch her just until she finishes School I wouldnt do it for no more then a yr or 2 at the most. Because going to School is going to benefit Sophia. In florida she isnt going to know anyone to watch Sophia I would leave her with family, unitl I finished School...... Amber I think you are crazy, mean and you are selfish. I hope you grow up for your daughters sake...... Katylyn. I think you did the best thing for you, by giving your daughter away that is not selfish that is love. If you dont feel you could have given her what she needed I praise you..... you are truly a great person, I hope you and tyler make it I really do.


wow tonight episode with Farrah shocked me. I can't believe she would actually give up her child; she made her chose when she had her daughter and honestly it very self of her to up and move. coming from an experience that my mother passed away when I was 3 months old, I could not imagine not having my father by my side every step of my life. And don't get me wrong I understand that her grandparents love her and will take care of her, but there is nothing like mothers love.My advice to Farrah is to grow and bc a true parent, stop letting your mother make decisions for u.


did anyone notice Gary's hot friend? Did MTV give him that friend? He can't be real.


Ive ben watching the show since it 1st started years ago... Yes Farrah is VERY Rude 2 her parents, she calls her own Father Michael, instead od Dad.. I feel sorry 4 him... And Amber get off ur lazy butt and DO sumthing... All u do is sit on tha couch and degrade Gary, who is taking better care of "UR" baby than u ever have... She dont even call u Mom, she calls U Amber, thats pretty pathetic.... Most pathetic of all is this show makes kids want 2 have kids, and thay aint got NO money when ur 15 and 16 so therefore tha hard Working people's Tax Dollars are paying 4 all there kid's, while there getting money from tha show 2 get knocked up at tha age of 15 and 16.... Ill never understand it.... If U cant Afford Kids Quit having them!!!!!


The only reason i watch this show is because of Maci she a smart head strong and good mother..Catelynn i believe she what she thought was best for Carly she knew that shouldn't give Carly the things she wanted so she gave her up she a stronger person because of that.. Amber just has a lot of issue that she needs to deal with its either she hate Gary or she love Gary make up ur mind why dont you, Farrah i got two words Spoiled Brat well you gotta blame that on her parents... and her own mother has issues her self


I wish Farrah would get over herself! Inflated opinion of herself, the way she speaks to people per se not just her family. I admire her for making sure she has a skill to help her find employment when she gets laid off from mtv, which is bound to happen eventually. Thats more than can be said for Maci. Put Sophia first.


Amber, for god sake take off the false eyelashes!!! Wash your face once in a while!!! BE A MOTHER!!!!YOUR SO FAKE. GET OFF THE COUCH ONCE IN AWHILE!!! Every time I see you you have that dam cell phone in your hand!! PLAY WITH YOUR DAUGHTER ONCE IN AWHILE!!! Get a dam job!!!!!!!


Maci, another baby!!!! GET REAL! Bentley is happy,you are a good mother, go to school finish!!!

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