Teen Mom Recap: All About Priorities

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On this week's Teen Mom, Maci Bookout signed back up for school, Farrah Abraham tried to do the same, and Amber Portwood was released from lockup.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got into a tiff about him livin' de life, but ultimately made up and made out. It's all about priorities for the youngans.

Let's break down last night's episode of Teen Mom, THG style!

Hot Maci Bookout Pic

Maci decides to enroll in classes despite how "boring" they are. Plus 4.

Kyle breaks his kneecap in an apparent motocross accident. Minus 8 for the obvious pain, but Plus 10 because Maci didn't miss class for his birthday.

She did go to the salon, though, going "blonde and long" with platinum extensions. Plus only 2, because she looks good, but she already was so cute naturally, and this is an "I'm available at the club" kind of appearance.

"I don't work anymore." - Ryan Edwards. Did he ever? Minus 5.

The previews for next week show him - what else - partying. Hey, he's got time. But Plus 3 because Maci tells him point blank he won't have Bentley.

Amber Portwood reflects on life in a cell: "Spending the night in jail sucked [and was] stressful on everyone." It won't be the last time. Minus 9.

She wants her mom in her life because "I'm not fully grown yet." Know who is? Gary. That Aeropostale shirt says "Fully Grown" on the tag. True story. Plus 3.

Catelynn and Tyler (Teen Mom)

Tyler is living it up, doin' the club thang. A 21-and-under club (at least we'd hope so), because he's not 45 like The Situation on Jersey Shore. Plus 4.

Catelynn goes from all in to "it's not gonna work" on a dime. Ah, youth. Minus 3.

Step-siblings or not, these two really do seem happy together, so Plus 5.

Farrah decides to go to college in Fort Lauderdale now. Not that there aren't good schools in South Florida, but face it, the beach was her priority. Minus 2.

She gives away her dog because caring for it was too much work. No word if her neighbor offered to take in Sophia as well. Just kidding. Mostly. Plus 5.

Farrah drops off her application at a school. We give it a semester. Minus 4.

At least the surroundings are nice. Waves (that scare the heck out of poor little) Sophia, the shirtless dudes waiting to ogle Farrah's new chest, etc. Plus 1.



I also think that kyle needs to get it in his head that ryan is the Father an isnt going anywhere , i understand that he is probly doing it bcuz he is protective of maci but , he needs to larn that they are going to have to deal with each other for the rest of bentlys life ...............


I acctually think Ryan Might Change , You can tell he still loves maci or at least has some regret about doing her the way he did An you can tell he loves his son , they both are jus coming of adult hood an they had their baby when they were teens im pretty sure both of them would rather be out ever night having fun but they cant , young guys dont understand that party days are over an father hood is forever , some guys out row it tho , an i think ryan will ,, I do think he can be an arrogant asshole and I do thik its wrong that maci only lets him have bently two days , a father and son bond is very important , they both need a more growing up to do , in ryans case a lill more than maci


I feel bad for these girls on teen mom when they are having rough times because its all over tv..but its true Ladys u guys doo get paid for it an really don't have to worry about money..I'm a teen mom also an its difficult with finding a job, trying to go back to school, money,baby sitters,a trying to be a good mom well all that's going out but I'm makeing it threw an of corse none of use planed on having babys but I wouldn't change it for anything even if we are staggleing....but hay you guys are blessed so don't use the show to disrespect ur self take advantage of it an show other teens that this isn't a joke ......


Maci I am so happy that you are choosing the right and go to school and that Kyla is there to help you he really loves Bentley if Ryan would just stay out of it and stop acting like he is so cool and saying he is going to take Bentley away from you everything would be way better i thank. I just want to let you know that you are a good mom and your son is going to someday thank you for that. :))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey look on the bright side...ATLEAST THEIR getn PAID!...because if they werent then THEY'D be STUPID.(smdh)


LoLo - "Amber-should have her tubes tied, her mouth stapled shut & her hands tied behind her back." ROFLOL Now THAT I agree with. She's her own worst enemy, and almost everyone else's.

Kimberly scott marsden

Ryan's mom seems to be the main reason Ryan even tried to get Bentley. She needs to keep her mouth SHUT and stay out of it. Her son is a MESS and is FAR from responsible.


I'm sorry they ALL need help. They all to talk about school but don't put in the work none of them seem to work at anything or have a job. What do they do all day? I know they get paid to be on the show but come on live in the real world. They all act sooooooooo stupid they need to grow up. The girls and I do mean little girls should all have their tubes tired


Farrah: needs medication to treat her multiple personality syndrome. Mainly the bitchy, selfish and ungrateful one. Her mother should raise her daughter while Farrah jet sets all over the country to live out some strange celebrity wanna be fantasy. She's just as unstable as Amber in many ways. And oh yeah, Farrah..dogs do not west diapers!!!! Fathers are not addressed ny their first name. And your parents fear is that when you move away and only you care for Sophia, you will grow tired of the responsibility and give her away to a neighbor!

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