Taylor Lautner Splits with Lily Collins

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In a recent interview, Taylor Lautner expressed affection for the work of Lily Collins in Abduction.

But the actor apparently feels less passionate about the actress as a person, as insiders say he initiated a break-up with his co-star this week.

Taylor Lautner Movie Premiere Pic
Lily Collins Movie Premiere Pic

A source tells Us Weekly it was a "clean break," those things were "awkward" at the Abduction premiere party on September 15: "They barely said a word to each other."

This mole adds that Taylor "wants to be single for awhile," so allow THG to give him some advice: keep your shirt on, buddy. It will be impossible to fight the woman off otherwise.

UPDATE: E! News quotes a source who says the pair split months ago, when Collins was in Canada filming her upcoming Snow White movie. Either way, it's over.

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hey guys it's me agin one more thing to say. lilly collins is like the best actress.but selena gomez is kinda a bad actress. no ofense but i call her pig gomez. iam sorry. no ofense. lilly collins i'm so sooooooooo sorry.


i'm am so happy. lily collins is ugly in this picture. taylor lautner belongs with me. so many peolpe thin k that taylor should be with selena gomez but selena is daating justin bieber.selena gomez is just using him to get more fans. it's the truth i look it up online.if you guys want to email me go to rodriguezdaisy34@yahoo.com and i'll give you somethin. i feel bad for lilly collins. by guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel bad for both by do what is right it will heal i promise


Poor Lily :(
at least Taylor's single now... ;)


Ican't believe it Taylor dumped Lilly!!! cuz he usually gets dumped. :( Good he's single now :)


Well that was just for press!

Taylor elizebeth

oh,well she'll get over it

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