Taylor Armstrong Signs Book Deal, Will Include Abuse Photos in Memoir

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Taylor Armstrong has agreed to a book deal in which she'll write about her relationship with late, estranged husband Russell.

An insider tells Radar Online that Taylor is struggling financially and will even include pictures of her alleged abuse at the hands of Russell in order to sell as many copies as possible.

Taylor Armstrong on RHOBH

“Taylor’s acting like she’s not trying to bank off Russell’s suicide, but by including photos of her injuries after he allegedly beat her, that’s exactly what she’ll be doing,” a source said, adding that castmates have been lending the reality star money.

Taylor hopes to release the memoir by the end of November, this mole adds, saying she "wants to spotlight other celebrities who have been involved in domestic abuse situations.”

In other disturbing news related to the suicide of Russell Armstrong, his mother truly believes that her son was murdered. She intends on pursuing her own investigation.

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I agree with all of your comments regarding Taylor Armstrong. She is
matipulative and plays the victim. I can't stand to watch this woman.
Her lips look awful and she's using her poor husband's death to make
money. I feel her husband was abused by her. I'm sure she affected
his self esteem and helped cause his death!


Seriously messed up greedy bitch! She sits on her pedestal like a victim weeks after her husband was buried!! She wants to PROTECT her daughter, oh let's ruin her fathers reputation when he isn't here to defend himself. Maybe this pictures were of plastic surgery gone bad. no one knows the truth since she NEVER filed a complaint. She seriously makes me sick and I hope the greed gets her and she ends up back where she deserves. Quit trying to run with a crowd that clearly is out of your league!! You should be ashamed!!


Yeah she sucks azz we all know. Fake, Liar, Manipulator, Plays the victim, Selfish, Over spending, biatch. She wanted to leave him because he was running out of money. She tried to make him look bad to hide the fact she's a fake azz greedy biatch. Even in his death she'll try and make a buck. Nasty. I can't believe they're letting someone like this on their show. I"M NOT WATCHING. I hope no one else does either.


And then you wonder why he killed himself! Even if all the allegations ARE true, the proper way to handle those is through the Courts, not public television! How many police reports were filed, how many protection orders were in place? that's where her abuse should have been covered, not on national T.V.!She need to take some ownership of the events that took place and stop this exploitation!! Even so, now, with a book in the works, how are family and friends going to feel? If she cared about them, she's stop now but then again, she wouldn't make any money now would she?


Taylor Armstrong is mean and toxic,she and Kyle infected the entire RHOBH during season 1 and will damage all in their contact during season 2.The only people to be concerned for are Mr Armstrong's 3 children,esp the daughter with Taylor.


Funny what some americans do to put food on their tables. Talk abt abuse!!! Indeed!!!?


Hmmm Jazz- you've got yourself a couple of very good points there. I always thought she was a very shrewd manipulator. I think you hit it squarely on the head.


I never liked Russell on the show, and I don't agree with any kind of abuse, but I can just imagine how Taylor's threats to expose all of this mess might have helped drive him over the edge. It all just seems so tacky. Poor Kennedy.


Last season, didn't Taylor have a speech for an organization that speaks out on domestic violence? And she was always telling Kim she would open up some Oklahoma on her ass - something like that. I think she is lying and manipulating. She's got a thing about abuse, and I'm guessing it's her way of getting attention and/or trying to make a point. Sad. She needs help. Kennedy has a dead father and a whacked mother.


go to school, get a profession, go to work and support yourself. You lived in a buble...time to contribute to your own survival. Nobody ows you anything. Do not play victom. You did not have to stay married to a mna that beats you. it was your choice. You are not a kid, you have freedom to defend yourself from abuse. The only one's thar are abused are the one's who allow themselve to be abused. Poor you...bla,bla,bla