Taylor Armstrong Hospital Photo: Released, Disturbing

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Photos of Taylor Armstrong - taken of the reality star soon after an alleged beating from husband Russell, which Entertainment Tonight teased last month as "graphic and shocking" - have been released.

And they are, indeed, graphic and shocking.

The news program ran a commercial last night for a special that will air this evening, and it featured the following shot of a black-eyed Taylor in the hospital:

Taylor Armstrong Hospital Pic

It's unclear when this picture was taken, but it was likely the result of a physical confrontation between Taylor and Russell immediately prior to the start of shooting on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Expect more to hit the Web after Entertainment Tonight runs it report this week. But should these pics be made public? You tell us:


Still not sure I believe it. Taylor is very very strange and severely mentally unstable. She had a Wonderland tea party birthday party for her daughter, and it turned out to be a $40,000 party for HERSELF and her friends, Then she does another lavish costume party for herself and her friends- is this the way a normal person behaves??!! If she is "afraid" then she wouldn't be spending his money that he is telling her is tight. He is struggling to make money and she is spending it on nonsensical outlandish things! Her lips are always puffy from juvaderm, her eye is somewhat blue- how did that happen? It has not been explained. If she had problems with his "violence"and IF he was gay, and she stayed just to spend money, then SHE is very very sick.


i've been say'n this whole time,that im not a big fan of her's but i KNEW she was NOT lying about that story. He was very controllable on the show,so SUM of those types of men r abusive. It has nothin 2 do wit it goin public b/c: its REALITY!!! Shit happens everyday!! I do feel bad 4 her, but y do women STAY n abusive relationships??? Guess evry1 has their own reasons!! Me...my family wud KILL A MAN who THINKS they'r gonna f*ck me up like that...it'll b us both n the hospital. Sorry u took urself thru years of that Taylor,it's ALWAYS a way out of a situation!! JMO

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