Tamra Barney to Reduce Size of Ample Breasts

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Tamra Barney is about to go all anti-Nicole Richie on us: The Real Housewives of Orange County star says she will soon have her breast implants taken out.

Tamra Barney Image

Says Barney, who has already undergone a reduction in bust size, to Star Magazine:

“Big boobs make you look so much heavier when you're a small girl. I'm 112 lbs., and I have these D boobs popping out. It's a stripper look, and I don't want that!"

No, the stripper look should be reserved for former Housewife Danielle Staub.

Boyfriend Eddie Judge reportedly like his woman curvy, but Tamra is putting her large chest down dammit!

“I'm at the time in my life where I really don't care what a man thinks. I'm doing this for myself. And ultimately, what makes me happy makes Eddie happy too!”

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Yeah right! Tamra, AKA Trailer Park Trash, used that same line before and went BIGGER. But, She has nothing else to offer in a relationship so You go girl!!!!!!!!!!


She really makes me want to throw up.she soooo stuck on herself it makes me sick.I can't believe dombody can talk about someone like Gretchen all the time and the hurtful stuff she says bout other people. She has some nerve she needs a giant mirror to look at witches can c there reflection. She's what u call a straight IP BITCH.And what she doin on da show still she's no housewife anymore just a big mouthed dlut


Saw them on one episode of the show when they were shotting the PETA ad. They have big scars over them where they have been cut and nipples repositioned. Really awful looking.


Kind of silly if you ask me. I mean, when she first had the procedure of a D size cup being only 112lbs, what did she think she was going to look like? A Nun? I will never understand why women have to get these humungous size boobs, especially only weighing 112. Do men actually find this attractive?


i like the last commet she doing for her self you go girl!