Spencer Pratt: NOT in Debt (But Still Totally Broke and Unemployed)!

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Spencer Pratt may be broke and unemployed, but he doesn't owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to his former agent, despite reports by Us Weekly.

That's an easy rumor to shoot down, says he, because he never had an agent. Pratt chose to represent himself while "famous" from The Hills, et cetera.

Pratt and Heidi Montag worked with a lawyer when they were negotiating deals, but never involved an agency and paid their attorney in full ages ago.

V. I. Pimp

Spencer is now studying political science at USC and living at his parents' house rent free. Could be worse. He is not actively pursuing work in show business.

Not that anyone offered.

Heidi Montag, meanwhile, remains slightly less reviled than her husband and does have an agent. She currently has "a couple of projects in the works," too.

We don't know what those are, and frankly it surprises us, but we're told the agent does get paid. So ... there you go. Speidi: Not insolvent. Just irrelevant.

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Okay, so they bombed at I'm a Z-list celebrity, chuck me out, and they've failed at everything else. Don't worry fans, they WILL return! Look for them both in Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew soon!


Are you people crazy? Ever since he met Heidi and got on the show all he has been was a complete nightmare. Heidi might have had a chance at a decent career had he not been around. He completely manipulated everyone around him, was so jealous of her friendship with Lauren and basically made her move out of their apt. together. It's all so obvious how he isolated her so that he would be the only one left standing. He is so awful to her family, and basically caused her to lose her job. He is totally disgusting and Heidi would have been so much better off had they never met.


I really liked Spencer and Heidi. I thought they were very entertaining. If they did another show. Pretty sure it would be successful. Those cute little whores in the show that do fashion weren't the reason most watched. Most the time I fast forwarded them. The boys were more entertaining! I thought!




i thought they were so cool wen the Hills 1st aired& now its like they have LOST their minds. I mean, Hollywood didnt even get the best of them, i dont kno wut the hell u call this...


Im glad he's doing good. I think him and Heidi added some much needed and very tamed drama to the hills. I was between the age of 26-29 and I was entertained by these rich white kids with self efficited problems. Spidey just added even more to watch. Well spencer did at least. Heidi just got lost in the whole thing. Dont get me wrong I still think they are talentless media and attention whores. But at the end of the day thats why they got in entertainment.