Soulja Boy Trashed For Anti-Army Rap

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A number of military veterans are demanding an apology from Soulja Boy after the rapper ignited a wave of controversy with his song, "Let's Be Real."

After plugging his Twitter page (really), Soulja drops this bomb:

"F**k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man ... I'll be flying through the clouds with green like I'm Peter Pan."

Mmmyeah. Here's the (very NSFW) song ...

Fred A. Flores, a retired U.S. Marine and now a commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission, spoke out against this "offensive statement."

Flores, who has two children currently serving in the military, calls Soulja Boy "Ungrateful" ... adding, "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

"[The rap] is very irresponsible, especially for an entertainer for the youth of our country, and especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up."

Seriously, Soulja. Just because you spell your name wrong doesn't give you license to start bashing actual soldiers who protect your ass daily.

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@ MIke. if you were truly a "military" veteran, you wouldn't question the mission, you would question this dudes reason for slamming what we had to do. Pussy ass imposter, put down your mos and number if you were seriously a vet which I doubt. Another NiGGa Obama loving imposter lib exposed....


Bill Phillips, I like your style. If that no talent POS wants to tangle with a Marine vet with BLOOD on his hands and a heavy heart but GOD Bless the brave men and women who Keep It Real, respond to this post with a date time and address, and bring your "Posse" cuz you will need it....


You no talent pyle of shit....I listened to this fucked up song thinking ok, it's going to suck anyway but fucking cat sounds better at three a.m. in the alley! I served my country, VERY proudly, Thundering Third OOOOHHHRRAAHH and you would be subject to friendly fire my dumbasss BRUTHA...I did what your very priviledged ass refuses to do. I put my life in the line of fire so you could write and sing lousy sounding shit. OMG Ice Cube, shoot this mother fucker for giving you guy's a huge bad rap because 1. he sucks so bad, and 2. He is a pussy who probably never had to kill anyone, with a "Gat" or his bare hands.....PUSSY


Hey, "soulja boy", do all of us a favor and rename yourself "pansy-assed, no-nothing full of crap boy". You're 21, a thug, and an embarrassment to the human race, the African race, and your parents. You deserve to be shipped to Afghanistan and left there to crawl out by yourself. Period. And the same goes for ANYONE who defends your pathetic ass in any way.


Just a quick thought, when my two year old is saying or doing something I don't like, as long as he isn't actually causing harm to someone, the best way to address that behavior is to ignore it as most bad behavior is just an attempt to get attention. I have found in my life this is an equally effective way to deal with most things people say that are ignorant or controversial. I have never found it effective to curse at or threaten someone. Just a thought. I personally just pity that "soulja boy"feels that way and doesn't understand the sacrifices those men and women and their families make every day


I think he should go play some USO tours for our troops over in Iraq and Afghanistan and see how long his butt lasts. Yeah sing it live in the middle of our troops............ oops, my bad, sorry didnt realize my finger was on the trigger. And I guess you'll be flying through the clouds with a lot less green Peter Pan. Our military dont forget!


I would love to spend some quality time with this arrogant, ignorant, no talent piece of shit. I sincerely hope you just destroyed the entire rap and hip hop industry. None of you clowns have an ounce of real talent . I hope you enjoy your new job as the shopping cart guy at Wal Mart.
I have family members in the Army and Marines. who the hell do you think you are. Your apology is absolutely ridiculous and falling on deaf ears. All your managers and promoters should also lose their jobs. Don't bullshit the public. You knew exactly what you were doing. Your career is over asshole.


hey soulja boy you are a douche bagand I cant wait to read in the news that you got shot and killed by an army vet that hated you.... the cia should pick you up and watewr board your ass til you cry like the little bitch you really are... then post the video of you crying then the world can see you keeping it real.... you bitch
bill phillips
140 franklin st
framingham, ma 01702
come get some see how you like this army vet.......


I want to get one thing straight with a couple of haters on here, the US military is one of the only entirely volunteer militaries in the world. We are not brainwashed, we do not always believe in the wars that we go in to. However, we do not have the luxary of picking and chosing, politians who have been voted for by the entire country, not just military members make those decisions for us. Most of us do not sign up so that we can go to some country and kill people over oil, but to be there incase shit really does go down and somebody needs to provide some protection. As for soulja boy, i don't like what he said, i do believe he had the right to say it, but i also believe that the military members should be able to chose to take his music off the shelves. It's our BX PX and NEX, that's why they are not open to the general public for shopping, it is a privalage for those of us who serve.


I think they need to send these ingrates over for a real lesson in the "boy" - pretty sure you sealed your own fate !!! and as to your next job - yes I will have fries with that!!!