Simon Cowell on Ryan Seacrest: Phony!

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Call him mean. Call him nasty. Call him abrasive.

But Simon Cowell has a better word for himself: real.

Simon Cowell on TV Guide Magazine

"I used to wind Ryan [Seacrest] up about this when I'd get accused of being constantly negative," Cowell tells TV Guide Magazine. "I'd say, 'Remember all the people who cried in these auditions and you'd say, 'I'm going to miss you so much. I care so much about you.' Have you ever picked up the phone and said 'Are you OK?' The answer is never. It's all for TV. The difference with me is I have no qualms saying whether I like you or dislike you. I find it more unkind when you give someone false hope."

Simon, of course, is out there promoting The X Factor, which debuts on Fox this Wednesday night. Why did he leave
American Idol for it? Simple:

"I was making a lot of money on American Idol, but I did X Factor because I genuinely felt this was a better show...[last season] was completely different. It was not the show I was on. They've gone friendly. I knew it would do well."

Are you excited for The X Factor?


I love Simon.. he tells it like it is. I don't think he is cruel and personally, I'd much rather be told the absolute direct truth than someone 'sugar-coating' it for me.
I've never heard of Nicole before this show and it is a pleasure seeing Paula again. I remember her from the 90s.


I feel so hurt when Simon, speak so harsh to some of the folks thats trying so hard to sing before him, they are nervous and scared. When you are rich I guess you can be ugly anytime you please.

@ mildred williams

I felt the same way -hard to watch - knowing it could be me. Even when I sand my best I don't need to be knocked down. It's all about support to someone. That's what motivates them to learn and grow. Finding a positive - and say it nice when you say no. They aren't harming him.


So, where did he call Ryan Seacrest a phony? Weak, misleading headline...also a non story.

@ Rich

True to both - -

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