Simon Cowell on Lady Gaga: BORING!

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Never one to mince words, Simon Cowell acknowledges Lady Gaga has great star power. Vocally, though, he says she's the most boring singer imaginable.

We're not exaggerating, that's his honest analysis. The X Factor judge recently slammed Lady Gaga, calling her “the most boring singer in the world.”

“If you only heard Lady Gaga, she’s the most boring singer in the world,” he told the UK's Mirror, adding “It's the same ame with Beyoncé. Or Katy Perry.”

Cowell Scowls
Lady Gaga Eyeball Sunglasses

Cowell said the pop star would have been booted in a heartbeat if she came across his panel. “She would have been thrown out within 10 seconds,” he said.

“Even if she had walked in with a lobster on her head, it would’ve been one of the kooky auditions.” However, he admits she's got that ... well, X Factor.

 “You have to be open-minded and embrace that level of expression,” said the 51-year-old Brit. “Really, you just hope to God you find someone like her.”

It's the truth. Fortunately - and we're confident 13 million-plus Little Monsters will agree with us on this - we can hear and watch this performer in action.

That said, check out our Lady Gaga videos and photos!



Lady gaga is more powerful land has 10 times more talent than one direction that's for sure so I don't know what he's talking about he's such a dick head. Anyone could do what he does get crappy relentless singers and make them hot and just turn them into superstars for little girls. If lady gagas boring then what the hell is one direction


Hm, Simon is onto something here. Gaga is average-looking and moderately talented at best. I wonder if her fancy costumes and theatrics are a form of "overcompensating" for her ordinariness?


HE DOES REALLY NEED IT! I agree with Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga is not only the most boring popstar, but she is the Adolf Hitler of dangerous pop music that's going to brainwashing and destroying the whole nation after all female popstars sucked man, I noticed Cowell said in private that he really slammed the X Factor next thing he will pretends saying he likes it.


HE NEVER MEANT LIKE THAT. This site for God shake needs to reconfirm every single informations or news that they got. This will leads to public-lies.
I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say


Please note Simon has the needy Diva lined up for his X-factor show...Pariah hates the fact that Gaga, Beyonce and Perry take all the attention these days.


How is that some things make you want to throw up just looking at them? I wish Lady Gaga would stop acting lyk the anti-christ and start behaving lyk a normal human being.


@Leo: Obviously, you didn't read the article... He said she was vocally boring, but had star power and that he wish he'd discovered her? @Carly: Is he not entitled to criticize artists like normal people because he happens to be an A&R rep? @Brian: In using the word "faggot," you just disgusted the woman you're defending. Good job missing her message.


Okay, i agree partly on what he said. If you listen to gagas songs on her albums then yes, she is boring vocally.but, if you see her live, shes amazing. I can see where hes coming from, but im suprised he didnt mention rhianna or britney.there vocals are super boring! LoL


I agree with Simon...Gaga just copies off of other artists she's not an original. Her voice is great but she needs to come up with her own style. If you all don't agree look back at the artist from 1980 on up including their concerts mainly madonna


Trashing other artists just because HE didn't discover them just makes him look bad.

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